Your First Saturn Return


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This recording, intended for non-astrologers, is a great teaching tool for understanding how Steven Forrest begins to approach readings for someone undergoing their first Saturn return, specifically using the Saturn house placement. Includes descriptions of Saturn transiting back into each of the 12 houses, to shed light on the particular flavor of each Saturn Return process.

Steven writes, “Ah, the dreaded Saturn Return. What’s all the fuss about anyway? Learn why people fear the Saturn Return, and more importantly, why they don’t have to! In this helpful talk, Steven Forrest walks through some of the best approaches to this important threshold in everyone’s life, including a tour of Saturn returning to each of the 12 houses. No two Saturn Returns are alike, and your Saturn house placement will shed light on the particular flavor of your own Saturn process. Find out which house Saturn occupies in your own birth chart before listening to get the most out of the program.”

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Siddharta P.
Short and Sweet propositions of your first Saturn Return expectation

Steven Forrest gives us a deeper understanding of Saturn Cycles, and puts into perspective the generally misunderstood Saturn Return. Listen to this podcast to gain kinder and more resolute insights on what to focus on after your first Saturn Return. This podcast gives us propositions on how to move with and through each house where you find Saturn "returning". Steven Forrest gives us an expansive sense of the process of the self, and this is a great podcast to return to when you need a resource for courage through your second Saturn Cycle.

noonie S.
Useful info

Useful information

Lori J.
Important Information

I bought this for my 2 youngest children who are coming up on theirs. I wish I would have had someone guide me in such a way when I was upon mine (she says as her 2nd Saturn Return has come around!)

Good for beginners

If you don't have much knowledge of saturn return, this will be a good saturn return 101, but if you are looking for an archetypal approach that will bring you through saturn return in depth, this is not the lecture. I find it disappointing that saturn return is approached from a rather superficial and monofacted perspective in this lecture. Good for beginners though.

Your First Saturn Return

Great lecture on the first Saturn return.I enjoyed it!

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