Chart Reading Intensive – Online Symposium

$225.00 $195.00

In this intensive retreat, we’ll spend each day looking at charts and applying the concepts taught in year one of our four-year program: elements, modalities, polarities, planets, signs and houses. We’ll take these core building blocks of astrology and apply them to several charts over our time together, learning how to apply the concepts and speak astrology.

We’ll work with the charts of famous individuals as well as the charts of participants, so that we can use biographical material as well as real-time feedback to corroborate what we find.

Date: July 12 and 19, 2020
Times: Two-hour sessions twice a day at 9am and 4pm plus guided meditations
Cost: $195 (if registered by June 30, 2020; $225 thereafter)

Open to all registered students in our four-year program who have completed all 9 year-one courses. Limited to 20 students so that everyone can have a chance to actively participate.

If space allows, we will open the symposium to students outside the program, subject to approval. You need to have studied astrology for at least one year and complete an acceptance interview with Tony Howard before registering. Schedule your approval interview here (you do not need to schedule if you are enrolled in any course in the four-year program).

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2-day, 5-day

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