Saturn Return Bootcamp – Your First Saturn Return


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Step Into Your 30s with Clarity and Confidence
5-week group coaching experience
Starts February 6, 2021
***This session is sold out. We will offer another session for Saturn in Aquarius folks early in 2022.***

Join us for an experiential 5-week experience created to help you navigate your first Saturn Return. Astrological insight is great, and we all love it. But sometimes we need more than just theory. Having someone “down in the trenches” with us can provide a profound benefit as we try to both understand and also make choices based on the planets. That’s the intention of this new offering, designed to help you find clarity and confidence during your first Saturn Return at the end of your 20s.

The experience begins with a video introducing the evolutionary intentions of the first Saturn Return. Next we get to the core of the program – 5 weeks of group coaching designed to help you process exactly what’s coming up for you so that you can receive tailored guidance and suggestions for actionable next steps. You’ll get the benefit of hearing from others in this process so that you can strategize and learn from each other’s experiences too.

In addition to the group coaching sessions, registered attendees will get a set of four guided journaling processes that establish the foundation for facilitating this client-tested process.

  • During our live sessions, we’ll talk about the 5 main pitfalls of the first Saturn Return and how to avoid them.
  • We’ll review some of the key themes embedded in your Saturn in Aquarius natal placement.
  • We’ll review our past, including the previous aspect alignments of Saturn (opening square, opposition, closing square) to identify key themes, repeating patterns, and reflect on our relationship to authority, commitment and responsibility.
  • Next we’ll take an inventory of our goals, dreams and plans for the future, and isolate at least one mission to move forward with for our next step as we approach the threshold of our next 30-year Saturn cycle.
  • Finally, we’ll address any roadblocks that have come up for you, and support you in digging deep to find the courage and confidence to step into adulthood with clarity and confidence.

There are only 20 spots available for this one-of-a-kind process, so if you’re interested sign up right away. And if you know someone in their late twenties who’d be a good candidate for this workshop, send them our way.

Recap of What You Get:

  • One intro video “First Saturn Return Explained
  • 5 90-min. group coaching sessions
  • 4 guided journaling processes

All for one payment of $297

Dates and Times: Saturdays – Feb. 6-27 at 2pm Pacific time; one additional follow up on May 15 with options for 9am or 3pm Pacific time.
You Are: In your late 20s with natal Saturn in Aquarius.

Looking for help with your SECOND Saturn return? We have a separate bootcamp workshop just for you in May 2021, so check the calendar for registration to open.

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