The Inner Planets Course



In this course, we’ll explore the meaning and function of the planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars. You’ll learn about their archetypal dimensions, what they symbolize in the birth chart, and how to start interpreting them. Includes an exploration of these three personal planets through a range of chart examples.

  • Week 1: Mercury
  • Week 2: Venus
  • Week 3: Mars
  • Week 4: The Inner Planets in Chart Analysis

Learn why astrologers also refer to the inner planets as personal planets and how they function as key components of our ego and identity.  Discover their core astrological meanings and take first steps toward interpretation of these planets in the natal chart. Includes supplemental reading and regular Q&A sessions to help you integrate this important foundational material.

Required text: The Inner Planets by Liz Greene; The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook by Sue Tompkins

Dates: October 27 – November 21, 2021
Live Classes: Wednesdays at noon (Pacific Time)
Live Q&A sessions: Oct. 30 at 1pm; Nov. 7 at 3pm; Nov. 14 at 9am; and Nov. 21 at 11:30am
$295 (audit) / $350 (certification-track**)

Course includes: four video classes, four recorded Q&A sessions, weekly reading assignments and homework, and access to discussion area where you may ask questions. Video, audio and handouts are available to view or download.

*Register now and get started on this course today! You’ll get access to a discussion area where you can get all of your questions answered as you complete the course.
**Certification track includes required homework assignment with testing.

Instructor: Tony Howard
Level: Perfect for beginners and those looking to review the basics in a structured learning environment. 

This course counts towards our four-year program diploma.

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Renata H.
Very fun and educational!

I really enjoyed this class as I am walking away with a considerably deeper understanding of inner planets. Most importantly, I was learning how to think critically about how planetary energies can express in different ways according to the sign they occupy in someone's chart, instead of just reading cookbook descriptions available in many astrology books. I started to pay attention to how people I know personally use their Mercury, Mars, and Venus. It is absolutely fascinating to observe and recognize certain patterns in what they do or say. I also enjoyed humane, compassionate approach instructors use to teach course material.

Kylee S.
Inner Planets Course

Wonderful course with ample content. I learned a lot of new things about the inner planets and came away feeling confident in knowing and interpreting their energies.

Makayla d.
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!

This class is so helpful and powerful when diving into the personal planets! This really opens up and widens your perspective, and I felt I was able to explore all the archetypes through the personal planets, which is so very useful to apply in everyday life and/or practice. This is a course of necessity !

Adriana M.
The best way to learn and truly understand the Inner Planets

If you have been struggling to understand the energies of Mercury, Venus and Mars and how they colour your personality - what you like, your style of communication and how you fight for what you want - then this is the course for you. Great reading material, great lessons from fantastic teachers. Go to the basics and understand them. Highly recommend this course!

A Astrology University Customer
Marvina H.
The Inner Planets Course

The Inner Planets Course was delightful, for me! There is no way you can work through this course without working through the inner planets within yourself, just a little. You won't want to miss this one!

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