Mars Retrograde 2020


Mars goes retrograde every couple of years, but each cycle has unique qualities that make it special, and this year’s cycle is a standout. For starters, Mars will be retrograde in its ruling sign of Aries, meaning Mars will spend a little more than 6 months in a sign it rules this year!

In this webinar we’ll review Mars retrograde theory and meaning and then look at the specifics of this 2020 cycle. We’ll look the possible themes with the sign placement in Aries. We’ll talk about the stationing degrees (points at the start and end of the cycle) and help you determine where Mars retrograde activates your chart by house.

And finally we’ll look at the aspects made by this Mars retrograde including the squares with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto and consider its impact on the November elections. Slides include all important dates and aspect degrees.

Pre-recorded for instant download. 

2 hrs. 24 min. | includes video, audio, slides and pdf resource guide

Level: Intermediate

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Loved how he teached and how emotional he can be very inspiring and will talk another class from him.

Lim S.
Mars rx

Learned alot from Tony presentation. Thank you!

Susan B.
Excellent lecture!

Awesome! Thank you Tony! Thank you for your tears also, they are so appropriate- wouldn’t you love to scream too!?!

A Astrology University Customer
Chirone S.
Tour de force

Excellent webinar that looks at the historical precedents for this Mars Rx in Aries applied to the US chart (mindblowing connections to Pearl Harbour and the US Civil War!!!) as well as looking at celebrity charts and how they’ve been affected by Mars Rx - plus of course implications for us now. A tour de force, well done Tony!

Marlene M.
Mars Rx in Aries 2020

I found this presentation to be very informative. The information was clearly presented including the nuances. In these chaotic times, I felt reassured "The Universe is unfolding as it should" especially in my little part of it as I have the Pluto-Saturn conjunction hitting my natal Mars in Capricorn, which Mars will be squaring several times throughout this year. Tony's explanations defined precisely much of what I have been uncomfortably experiencing. Those explanations gave reason, sanity, and reassurance to a woman on the brink! Thank You so much, Tony!

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