Virgo in Myth and Psyche


In this webinar Jason Holley looks at myths that reveal underlying dynamics of the Virgo archetype.

Creativity, Loss, and Renewal
Three Greek myths of the Virgin describe different ways we make the harrowing journey of creating, embodying, and incarnating ourselves and our dreams. This webinar will explore these stories and their meaningful details to bring a greater dimensionality to our understanding of Virgo placements and signatures in the natal chart.

Virgo concludes the first half of the zodiac cycle, making real that which has been ideal.This talk will discuss this creative process of coming down to earth and the wise and compassionate view the myths offer for understanding our human experience of surrender to the cycles of loss and renewal (and retrogradation) that become the warp and weft of any creative life.

Through the ancient tales and the modern-day stories of individuals in long-term psychotherapy, we will deepen our appreciation of this often poorly-understood archetype and especially its capacity for creative and generative expression.

1 hr. 49 min. | video download plus audio and slides

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Liz C.
Oh, Virgo!

I have several planets in Virgo in my natal chart and loved getting Jason's take on the myths around this sign. His discussion about his client's chart was just as helpful as the myths he shared - all of it was wonderful food for inspiration and insight. It gave me more compassion for this part of my chart. So excited about this entire series!

The Many faces of Virgo

I enjoyed this presentation. Jason explores several different perspectives on Virgo, and I appreciated that he invoked Dante's Divine Comedy. The idea of 'meaningful suffering' was a great message, especially in this era of the pandemic. It feels as though we are all experiencing Purgatorio at the moment!

Virgo in Myth

I loved hearing about the mythology of Virgo , Jason was passionate and knowledgeable and very inspiring.

Cheryl M.
Enjoyed this very much

Jason's way of relating to the myths of the zodiac is working wonders for my understanding of these archetypes. Jason's insights are all new to me and add wonderfully to what I have learned in the past giving new meaning and depth to the current day environment I see around me.

Where was Vesta?

I feel that Ceres-Persefone are more in tune to the Cancer-Scorpio path since the struggle for improving oneself to better service, so typical of Virgo, is more of a Vesta story. The celibacy of Virgo I don't read it in Persefone, which speaks more of becoming oneself, away from mother. But I love Jason! He does a great job!

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