Virgo in Myth and Psyche


In this webinar Jason Holley looks at myths that reveal underlying dynamics of the Virgo archetype.

Creativity, Loss, and Renewal
Three Greek myths of the Virgin describe different ways we make the harrowing journey of creating, embodying, and incarnating ourselves and our dreams. This webinar will explore these stories and their meaningful details to bring a greater dimensionality to our understanding of Virgo placements and signatures in the natal chart.

Virgo concludes the first half of the zodiac cycle, making real that which has been ideal.This talk will discuss this creative process of coming down to earth and the wise and compassionate view the myths offer for understanding our human experience of surrender to the cycles of loss and renewal (and retrogradation) that become the warp and weft of any creative life.

Through the ancient tales and the modern-day stories of individuals in long-term psychotherapy, we will deepen our appreciation of this often poorly-understood archetype and especially its capacity for creative and generative expression.

1 hr. 49 min. | video download plus audio and slides