Aquarius in Myth and Psyche

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In this webinar Jason Holley looks at myths that reveal underlying dynamics of the Aquarius archetype as part of his series on the 12 signs, myth and psyche.

The Greek dream of Aquarius tells of Zeus abducting the beautiful Trojan youth Ganymede, eventually designating him as immortal cup-bearer to the gods. The story and many of its overlooked details offer remarkable insight into how the psyche creatively and protectively splits off youthful and creative dimensions of itself – resulting on the one hand in psychic dissociation, fragmentation, and trauma; yet on the other hand in profoundly creative and unusual possibilities of self-expression and vision that channel the gods into our world.

Through creative arrangements and re-arrangements of the ancient constellation myths and the life stories of modern individuals, we will develop a nuanced understanding of Aquarian signatures, including mythological resonances with both its ancient and modern rulers, as well as the frequent association of Aquarius with astrology itself.

Saturday February 2, 2019

9am Pacific Time (convert to your time zone)
Approx. 90 minutes.
$25 (through Jan. 31, 2019; $30 thereafter)

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