Aquarius in Myth and Psyche


In this webinar Jason Holley looks at myths that reveal underlying dynamics of the Aquarius archetype as part of his series on the 12 signs, myth and psyche.

The Greek dream of Aquarius tells of Zeus abducting the beautiful Trojan youth Ganymede, eventually designating him as immortal cup-bearer to the gods. The story and many of its overlooked details offer remarkable insight into how the psyche creatively and protectively splits off youthful and creative dimensions of itself – resulting on the one hand in psychic dissociation, fragmentation, and trauma; yet on the other hand in profoundly creative and unusual possibilities of self-expression and vision that channel the gods into our world.

Through creative arrangements and re-arrangements of the ancient constellation myths and the life stories of modern individuals, we will develop a nuanced understanding of Aquarian signatures, including mythological resonances with both its ancient and modern rulers, as well as the frequent association of Aquarius with astrology itself.

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1 hr. 51 min. | includes video, audio and slides


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Cheryl McArthur Verified Buyer


Again amazing work. Truly revelational wok!!!!

Lara H. Verified Buyer

Jason is quite brilliant

Jason takes you deeply into every sign (that he’s done so far). For the way I work, very deeply. The way Jason tells the story, every sign makes sense because it comes totally to life. Shows the dilemma and the solution. Every talk helps me understand my own psyche that much more, and this one in particular has helped me see an area of disassociation that I didn’t even realize was there. I am very grateful for that. Thank you so much Jason for sharing your brilliant intelligence.

Zoe S. Verified Buyer

Evocative and rich

Wonderful rich meandering through the mythological landscape.

Cindy M. Verified Buyer

Jason blew my mind

Jason Holley's class on Aquarius in Myth and Psyche totally blew my mind. Jason's insights and genius is always mind-blowing but the way he connects the astrological dots in this class shifted something in me in a profound way. I experienced an opening, an understanding not only of Aquarius but of Leo and the other fixed signs in a way that has completely altered my perception of their relevance and impact in chart reading. For my own personal birth chart the class was nothing short of revelatory. Jason is a gift to our community and no doubt will be known as a breakthrough astrologer from our time, a true voice of the Age of Aquarius. Thank you, Jason!

franklin l. Verified Buyer

Our cup doth runneth over!

Jason Holley brought soaring perspectives culled from mythology, and lucid insights drawn from Jungian psychology, along with a joy and mastery of astrology that overflowed with knowledge and transformational potential. He's a 1st magnitude star, a wise teacher, and a high spirit. I'm eager to listen to this lecture several more times, because it overflows with insights.