Place – the Astrology of Relocation


with Brian Clark

A horoscope = time + place. While our actual time of birth is fixed, we often relocate, travel or imagine different locations away from our birth place. Astrological techniques illuminate our relationship with a place through repositioning the angles and changing houses where planetary archetypes naturally dwell. Place engages the soul and a relocated chart considers how we inhabit this new space.

While many techniques are available to reflect on re-location, we will concentrate on relocating the horoscope and introduce the method of astro*carto*graphy. We will reflect on whether we are ‘destined’ to move, times when we move, as well as other issues concerning relocation, such as dis-placement, emigration and transition.

Pre-recorded for instant access.

1 hr. 39 min. | includes video, audio, handout and transcript*

Level: Intermediate
*A written transcript is included due to a couple of moments of internet connectivity issues impacting the clarity of the audio.

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Place - the Astrology of Relocation

Always wonderful to learn more from Brian Clark

Susan C.
Some interesting insightd

A relocation chart makes sense to me now. Very insightful

Sylvie L.
Astrology of relocation

It was very interesting. I haven't had the opportunity to re-listen to it yet but I am looking forward to absorbing more of the teachings. Thank you for the bonus audios and the recorded session. Very Very beneficial and helpful.

Dennis C.
Changed perspective

This method made so much sense when I interpreted my own chart, having relocated to another country 15 years ago. The reason(s) for moving, the motivating forces, even what has happened in a general sense in my life rhythm came into focus. The only thing missing from the seminar was exactly how to set the data up to reflect the change using the natal birth chart as a base. I guessed at it, then found another source online that verified my guess ... It would have been helpful to start at the very beginning for those of us not quite as experienced. But I’m off and running with it now - thanks!

Susan M.
It Was so Interesting, I Wish it was Longer!

It's good to know the degree to which moving to another location can mediate things in your chart or assist you in enlarging the benefics.

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