Astrologer Certification Year One Bundle


Hurry! This offer expires August 30, 2020.

Get access to all 9 online courses in year one of our Professional Astrologer Training Program and Certification*.

You’ll get these courses:

  • Course 1: Intro to Astrological Symbols
  • Course 2: The Elements, Modalities and Polarities
  • Course 3: The Inner Planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars
  • Course 4: The Social Planets – Jupiter and Saturn
  • Course 5: The Transpersonal Planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
  • Course 6: Major Aspects
  • Course 7: Introduction to Cosmos and Psyche: Planets, Aspects, Natal and Mundane Correlations
  • Course 8: Houses Systems – Exploration and Application
  • Course 9: Chart Synthesis 101

Each course is four weeks. Each week you’ll get one lesson, one Q&A session, homework assignments, quizzes, a final exam or writing assignment, discussion area for your weekly questions, evaluated homework and feedback.

*This package is for the certification option (you will be able to apply your coursework towards certification at the end of the four-year program).

BONUS: As a one-year bundle student, you’ll get a coupon  for 10% off all other AstroU webinars and classes as long as you’re a current student.

Bundle registration for year one expires August 30, 2020.

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