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Lynn Bell

How Parental Patterns Affect Relationships

It may not seem like it at the time, but under the guise of the beloved, the old stories may be hiding.

In client work people often ask , how did I end up marrying my father? Or my mother? We will look at the seventh house the template of relationships, as well as the luminaries, to better understand how we carry patterns of past relating into relationship. 

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Brian Clark

Love in the Time of Capricorn

Capricorn’s mythology embraces many images and variants of the goat-god Pan and his sister Amaltheia, demigods whose legends reveal the Capricorn gamut from care to control. Capricorn’s ruler is Saturn whose predecessor, Chronos lends his name to Time.

This lecture explores the question of love in the Time of Capricorn, a critical time, when social distancing and isolation are governmental directives. It is the time of Capricorn, of learning to love in times of crisis and learning to love through time. We will explore relating in times of crisis – over, in and through time.


An Introductory Guide to Relationship Astrology

Where do you start when analyzing relationship patterns and potential in the horoscope? Which tools are most effective in getting to the heart of chart comparison?

In this talk, Frank will offer a range of tools to understand relationship dynamics – from identifying key areas of a chart, to seeing how the horoscopes of first meetings and transits/directions at that time actually reflect what’s to come.

Darby Costello

Venus and Mars: Love, Beauty, Courage and Excellence

We all know that Venus and Mars are central to our relationship life. But how do we work to cultivate the very best of these natural inclinations? How often do we rather blame them in our own and other people’s chart, for failures in our intimate lives? In this hour we shall look at these two great deities to see how we may be more conscious in attending to their gifts in ourselves and in others.


Relationships as Habitats for the Circle of Animals Within
In so many ways, we form relationships with those who help the many creatures within us feel they have a home.  Presented by a person or by a place with new possibilities, new psychic habitats, we find different dimensions of ourselves come into being.  Sometimes we seem to welcome this development; other times we may feel overwhelmed by the inner creatures who come forward.  

In this talk we will explore Venus and Mars, two of the nocturnal beings so frequently drawn forth in relationship, through stories drawn from ancient mythology and modern psychotherapy.  We will also explore the image of the astrological consultation itself as a sacred act of restoring and protecting habitat for the intrapsychic diversity that lies within every person.
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Mothers & Daughters: Looking Into the Karmic Mirror

The relationship between a mother and daughter is a primal link in the family’s ancestral imprint. By nature, it is a reflection of each soul’s resonance with the maternal story’s piece within their karma and the challenge it presents for personal and spiritual evolution. Like a runner in a relay race, each engages the karmic struggle within the maternal line from mother to daughter to mother from their unique vantage points.

Using charts of mothers and daughters some well-known, I will illuminate these themes in the mother, daughter relationship and how the daughter’s sense of identity is forged through carrying on in the same arenas as their mothers.

Mark Jones

A Higher Love: Neptune as the Higher Octave of Venus

The Outer planets have been seen, by the likes of Dane Rudhyar among others, as the higher octave of the Inner planets; Pluto and Mars, Uranus and Mercury, Neptune and Venus. Love often seems to lead us into our relationships – does it always sustain them over time?

In this presentation Mark will investigate the astrological symbolism of love and its therapeutic impact in our ongoing relationships with significant others. The talk will focus on the dual rulership of Venus (Taurus/Libra), the water signs and the nature of Neptune pointing towards the transformative power of love as the great healing potential of our human lives.

The elevation of personal love through the nature of sacrifice toward a greater meaning is seen as the single most redemptive principle in the human experience. The talk will be illustrated with historical examples, such as the higher love of Martin Luther King as well as client examples from Mark’s extensive client practice.

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Jessica Lanyadoo

Astrology for Real Relationships

In this “AMA” session Jessica will take your questions to offer astrological guidance regarding your relationship with a friend, a lover, a romantic partner or a co-worker. Jessica can give you useful tips to steer you towards becoming an empowered participant in your own relationship journey.

For the best experience, have a copy of your chart on hand, and sort out your question in advance. Jessica won’t be able to pull up your chart to answer questions that require detailed analysis of your birth chart. A good example question would be: “I have the Sun in Libra with Moon in Scorpio. My partner has Moon in Taurus and Sun in Cancer. We’ve been misunderstanding each other later around how we express our needs. Any advice?”


The Mirror-verse: You are Your Partner’s Love Projection

When you’re swiping a new love, friend or colleague into your life, check out their birth chart and transits to see what dynamic or archetype you’ll be representing to them. It takes two to tango, what archetype are they bringing into your life? Is it fortuitous or are they about to school you?

Using astrology to understand these dynamics can help navigate projected issues and provide a framework to open up dialogue that will move you quickly into a personal, intimate space and get the most out of the growth cycle at hand-or help you fold the cards if the situation is feeling insurmountable.

We’ll cover a little historical perspective on relationship dynamics and some 101 relationship manifesting and mindset for clarity on what experience you want, what space you’re coming from, and how to keep it tracking with certainty and boundaries.

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Our Relationship with Astrology

No matter our level of experience, we lovers of astrology may spend a great deal of time with our Sacred Art. Who or what are we relating to? What motivates this passion? And what do we bring to this relationship?

There is an ancient notion that ‘behind’ the physical planets and our knowledge of them, a group of celestial Beings informs and enlivens their workings in the human world. Just as listening is an important skill in human-to-human relationships, so it is in our connection to the Great Mystery behind astrology.

We explore simple ways of cultivating this listening: noticing astrological ‘pre-conditioning’; re-framing; synchronicity; meditation. A Guided Imagery process will also be offered, enabling us to enter a ‘listening dialogue’ with our own chart.

Kelly Surtees

Saying ‘I do’: Cycles of Commitment in Relationship

We’ll explore three charts from my client files, to identify some of the transits and progressions that are active when someone says ‘I do’.

You’ll learn how to time and describe relationship commitment as we discover the real transits and progressions connected to love and partnership.

You’ll learn new skills to guide your forecasts about relationships, for yourself and your clients.

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Alexander von Schlieffen

Saturn-Pluto and the PR-Society

What can we learn from the past Saturn-Pluto cycle in order to be well prepared for the tasks of the current one? How can we understand this cycle’s impact on the economy and culture of the 1980s – both from the individual and collective psychological perspective?

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“Birth chart equals character, and character equals fate. And our relationships are our fate because they reflect back to us our own character.”


“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. 

Astrology is one of the most direct tools to self-inquiry. Why not start your inner journey today!

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