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  • Sale! Astrology of Sect
  • Jupiter square the nodes
  • Astrology Artists
  • Chariklo
  • Derived Houses
  • How to Hear the Aspects
  • Intro to Traditional Astrology
  • Fixed Stars
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Fixed Stars – Power and Success

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  • Sexuality Astrology Therapy
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Sexuality Astrology and Therapy

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  • The End of the Bronze Age
  • Rhythm of Venus
  • 2020 Planetary Nodes of Saturn and Pluto
  • Derived Houses and Ancestry
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Exploring Ancestry with Derived Houses

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  • Putting a planet in a sign and house
    Basics and Foundations

    Putting a Planet in a Sign and House

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  • 8th house astrology workshop
  • 2020 and Beyond Astrology
  • Fertility Astrology
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Evaluating Fertility in the Birth Chart

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  • Sale! Astrology, Money and Psychology
  • astrology elements webinar and transcript
  • astrology elements transcript
  • Money alchemy webinar
  • Money Dreams
  • Money Fears webinar
  • Jupiter Square Neptune
  • Frank Clifford Power Degrees
  • Uranus in Taurus
  • money and astrology
  • Hephaestus Jupiter astrology
  • Dominant Chart Signatures in Astrology
    Chart Interpretation Intermediate and Advanced

    How to Identify Dominant Chart Signatures

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  • uranus enters taurus
  • Astrology of Intimate Relationships
  • 11th and 12th house astrology
  • Hellenistic Aspects and Trauma
  • Solar Arc Lunar Nodes
    All Timing Techniques

    The Solar Arc Lunar Nodes

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  • Solar Arcs Steven Forrest
  • Mars our warrior
  • 7 Steps to Horoscope Interpretation
    Chart Interpretation Intermediate and Advanced

    The Heart of Your Chart – 7 Steps to Horoscope Synthesis

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  • Annual profections class
  • Sale! Chiron Transits webinar series
  • James Hillman Archetypal Psyche
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • Life Purpose Bundle
  • Chiron transits
  • relationship astrology course
  • alchemical elements
  • Moon Phases
  • Aspects
  • Getting Started with Progressions Online Course
  • Waves Become Wings - Neptune, Betrayal and the Myth of Ariadne
  • The Nodes of the Moon in Relationships transcript
  • Transcript - The North Node in Practice (pdf)
  • Webinar: Agents of Change - Nodal Rulers in Aspect to Each Other
  • Transcript - The USA Chart Ripening Karma (pdf)
  • Higher Octaves of Personal Planets
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Higher Octaves of Personal Planets

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  • Transcript - Planets Square the Nodes (pdf)
  • Intermediate Astrology: A Language of Life
  • The Lunar Nodes
  • Webinar: Your Progressed Sun - Journey to the Authentic Self
  • Planetary Joys
    Demetra George

    Planetary Joys

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  • Sale! Counseling Tools for Therapeutic Astrologers - Webinar Series
  • The USA Chart: Ripening Karma - Video Download
  • The Transits Workshop Video Course
  • Sale! Webinar Series: Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology
  • Webinar: Saturn Square Neptune
  • The Twelfth House Webinar
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