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  • Putting a planet in a sign and house
  • Saturn in Capricorn transcript
    Books and Transcripts

    Transcript – Saturn in Capricorn

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  • Jessica Murray 2020 transcript
  • Transcript: Lunar Nodes Challenging Perceptions
  • The Nodes of the Moon in Relationships transcript
  • Transcript - The North Node in Practice (pdf)
  • Transcript: Saturn in Capricorn Panel (pdf)
  • Transcript - Jupiter in Scorpio through the Twelve Houses
  • Transcript - The North Node Path of Evolution (pdf)
  • Transcript - The USA Chart Ripening Karma (pdf)
  • Transcript - Planets Square the Nodes (pdf)
  • Transcript - Love's Three Faces (pdf)
    Basics and Foundations

    Transcript – Love’s Three Faces

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