THE COSMIC EYE Monthly Forecast: Scorpio Season


Vanessa Montgomery and Stormie Grace team up to highlight the hallmarks of 2020 Scorpio season. We cover the Solar Scorpio cycle, monthly Moons, headlining signatures and the ongoing Mars and Mercury retrogrades. Mark the opportunity signatures in your diary with this month’s trines and sextiles. We share what we’re currently reading and wrap up with key takeaways and a monthly mantra. Geek out on the astro tech specs while combining them with the psychological humanistic side astrology offers: how this month’s energy could best be utilized with an eye on consciously navigating potential pitfalls. Have a great day and stay cosmic!

Want to learn more about the Mars Retrograde – check out Tony Howard’s blog post Making the Most of Mars Retrograde

Go even deeper with Tony’s webinar on the subject here.

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Elizabeth Motyka

I look forward to this podcast each month,so many great thought provoking insights in a fun format . Thanks!.


I lost my husband of 21 years, April 5th. We found out that he had stage 4 Pharyngeal Cancer back the middle of December. He had been talking about this time for at least the past 10 years. Neptune was exactly conjunct his Ascendant. Joseph practiced astrology from 1972, when he was in the military, till the day he died. It was a profession for him off and on. He was also creative. When I met him, he was sculpting wax into the most beautiful candle flowers I have ever seen. He had a ten year period during our marriage that astrology was his profession. He taught classes and wrote a column in a few magazines on top of his consultations. His health took a serious downturn and he had to quit. He did occasional consults when he could, but he didn’t have the strength to do much more.

In the mean time, while Neptune was transiting his Ascendant, Pluto and Saturn were on mine. As Pluto was moving over my Ascendant back in April, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars crossed over that point. In fact the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction is exactly on my Ascendant at 22 degrees Capricorn. I have taken in three teenage granddaughters over the past year and a half. They are all living with me now. I have been working a job that pays into my social security for a while now. At 62 I’m hoping to add to my payments. I worked for myself and don’t have much invested in it. I figured that at 70 I would retire and draw a check. That was when I planned on becoming a professional myself. I figured I could travel and be an astrologer.

In the meantime, Pluto has been pushing me to transform now. I feel a strong sense of urgency to start something now rather than wait several years. My girls and my job wear me out daily. Where am I supposed to find the energy to give my best to my clients and students? I will continue to study on it, and hopefully it will work itself out soon.

A side note: One of my granddaughters will be 16 on Nov. 7th. I thought of her when you were talking about Scorpios.

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