The COVID Long Haul

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This NYT article on herd immunity validates something I’ve been saying since last year – that COVID is probably here to stay. This is due to the Saturn-Pluto cycle, whose hard aspects, and maybe especially the conjunction, correlate with challenging issues in the collective that we have to face and learn to manage long term. The most recent example is HIV, which spread into the collective during the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio in the early 80s. HIV is still out there, and can still lead to AIDS if untreated. In the early years, there was a lot of fear and a lot of loss. Progress was much slower with HIV because of the communities impacted and the underlying systemic racism and homophobia that led to delays in treatment advances. But thanks to early heroic efforts by folks impacted within those communities, we now have meds that have turned HIV into a chronic, manageable retrovirus.

I think we’ll see the same with COVID. The underlying virus, its variants and mutations, are now with us for the long haul. We already have effective vaccines, and health care givers will improve treatments over time as well. We always learn and improve over time. I think many of us are in a transition phase of moving out of the intense and justified fears constellated under the Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn transit. Some of us definitely went “all in” with that, and let our fears immobilize us. That’s OK. No judgment here. The fear of death is a powerful motivator. And Saturn-Pluto asks us to face our fears of mortality every time they come together. But now it’s time to come out of the cold, and find our way back into society and towards each other. COVID is not going to magically go away.

Here is the link to the source article for these thoughts:

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