Venus Retrograde April 2020

By Melanie Reinhart

On March 24th, 2020, Venus reached her highest position in the sky and has begun descending. On April 9th, she entered the arc of the zodiac in which her forthcoming retrograde loop will occur, and passed the degree where she will later turn Direct again (on June 25th 2020). All the key points are in the sign of Gemini, so do review your own horoscope and see where this part of the zodiac falls (which house) and note any planets there.

Key dates for your diary (times in GMT)

August 14, 2019 – Exterior conjunction, 21°11 Leo, 06:07    
Sept 19, 2019 – RISE AS EVENING STAR (‘Hesperos’), 06°25′ Libra, 8:02
April 9, 2020 – Venus at 05°20’ Gemini [position of SD June 25, 2020]
April 28, 2020  – Great brilliance, 18°02′ Gemini, 14:35
May 13, 2020 – Venus SRx: Retrograde  21°20′ Gemini, 06:45
May 28, 2020  – Evening set, 17°23’ Gemini, 10:49
June 03, 2020 – Interior conjunction, 13°35’ Gemini, 17:43
June 10, 2020 – HELIACAL RISE (‘Lucifer’) Morning Star, 09°44′, Gemini
June 25, 2020 – Venus SD: Direct, 05°20’ Gemini, 06:48
July 08, 2020 – Great Brilliance, 08°22′ Gemini, 12.01
July 28, 2020  – Venus 21°20’ Gemini [position of  earlier SRx May 13th]

Gorgeous geometry in the orbit of Venus

The mandala above shows the relationship between Venus and the Sun from the point of view 
of the Earth (measured 2000 times, every 5 days, starting on 6-12-1882AD!). 
It was created with the programme ‘Astrological Mandalas’  (UK sales here.)
Click here for more and here for a large gallery of Venus mandalas.

The orbit of Venus is the most nearly-perfectly-circular of all the planetary orbits, which are actually elliptical, to various degrees. In the programme used to make the mandala above, hearts, flowers, spirals and stars regularly appear when Venus is chosen – all images traditionally associated with Venus! See the ‘Venus Gallery’ on my website for a collection of examples (link is under mandala).

8 x 365 days = 2920 (every 8 years, the Venus cycle repeats in the same part of the zodiac)
5 x 584 days = 2920 (5 cycles of Venus, each taking 584 days to complete)

So the zodiac position of Venus during each of her Retrograde passages (occurring about every 18 months) repeats exactly (within one or two degrees) every 8 years, during the same months!

In terms of the soul’s journey, during every Rx Cycle of Venus, we ‘pick up the threads’ from 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64 …. years back. I think of this cycle as  …

The ‘Housecleaning of the Heart’

During the Rx part of the cycle, look for life-themes which have developed further, unfinished business needing forgiveness and resolution, fond reminders of people, places and experiences which you deeply value. The prior dates for this one are:

2012, 2004, 1996, 1988, 1980, 1972, 1964, 1956, 1948, 1940, 1932 …

Look for the earliest one which occurred in your life … Do you see themes or patterns which repeat and develop from there? What are they? And what is this golden thread weaving in and out of the time-line of your life? What are its qualities and energies? Is there a sense of direction or momentum?

Each time there is an astrological ‘repeat’, we bring to it a higher level of maturity in terms of how we ‘see’ and meet the past … and the future. We experience a surge of new energy as release occurs through new understanding and compassion …

A Generational Theme

The current ‘loop’ of Venus in Gemini will activate Uranus and/or Pluto in the horoscopes of those born during the  mid-1960s, with Chiron and Saturn opposite, in Pisces. So Venus in Gemini will make T-squares with these four planets in your natal chart. Where the outer planets are involved, deep transformative processes are at work ….

This brings in perspectives to do with transcending polarities by re-thinking and broadening our views, in the face of our rapidly changing society. Are you ‘called’ to be something of an ‘outsider’ perhaps? If so, how does that sit with you? And from what direction do you feel your creativity calling to you now? Do you need to re-vision these themes you ‘came in with’? Who and what do you value most in your life? And where might we need to speak out, or clarify your own thoughts and honour your own understanding?

Venus Rx in Gemini

In the work of Alice Bailey (“Esoteric Astrology”), we find Venus being given the “esoteric” rulership of Gemini. We might perhaps understand these intriguing ‘extra’ rulerships as a new resonance which begins, or is noticed, as our consciousness develops and clarifies. Usually, some degree of maturity is needed before these hi-frequency energies express clearly. Very often, planets in their signs of ‘esoteric rulership initially reveal difficulties to be confronted ‘on the journey’. Once operating optimally, however, we see Venus in Gemini working in diplomatics, inter-racial awareness and healing, complex translation processes, family therapy and many other professions which emphasize the relationship between ‘Us and Them’ or ‘I and Thou’. This gift for communication, reconcilation and inter-personal understanding may also be expressed in the personal sphere, but always with an awareness of transpersonal significance. A famous quote by Buddhist teacher Thich Nat Hahn comes to mind …

“In making a cup of tea, I stop the war”

So here, in the Retrograde part of the cycle, the classic Gemini themes of sibling relationships, of meeting ‘the other’ and confronting ‘the opposites’ may be writ large and laced through with karmic themes which are repeatedly encountered in ‘soul work’. Attempts to resolve inner conflicts based around relationship ‘residue’ may recur, over and over, drawing us into ever-deeper understanding until their time of release arrives, aided by our mindful and compassionate preparation.

Although we might ‘know’ that significant relationships will always take us beyond what can be easily understood – into the realms of passion, feeling, sensation, projection and longing – with Venus Rx in Gemini, we may be given deep insights which occur ‘by Grace’ rather than being figured out. To invite this, consider taking the time between Venus turning Rx (May 15th) and resuming Direct motion (June 25th) to focus on the Venus themes, and Gemini themes, in your life.

The Gemini theme of word, language and communication, in all forms, may take on a powerfully internal orientation. We may be drawn to work with parsing out ‘the multitude within’ that endlessly arises into consciousness through dreams, synchronicities and self-reflection. Especially useful during this time are Gemini-type activities which allow us to enter ‘Sacred Space’ – journaling or speaking with a trusted friend, mentor or therapist.

For detailed suggestions, read the article on Venus on my website – here. You might like to recall the years 2004 and 2012, when Venus was last in Gemini, and there was a ‘transit’ of Venus across the Sun. Read here about this. During the year 2012, many prophecies were spoken. Were you aware of that? If yes, maybe review what you thought back then, in the light of ‘The Now’?

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Puja N Pujari

It is interesting to know about the facts of Astrology as the Venus retrogrades Gemini improves our consciousness and develops clarity. Your article helped me to present ideas in my Astrology page. Thanks for sharing lot of information.

Noonie Scharling

First I didn’t think much happened around those years. But, then it began to click; born in 64; settled into new place and school as well as mum & stepdad got married 71; began boarding school in 80; met future husband 88; got drivers license 96; gave birth to 5th child 2004; separated from husband into a life of emotional freedom 2012; 2020…let’s see what is on the menu :)))
Common theme is that each event has opened up to new opportunities for selfawareness by significant beginnings and endings. Very exciting stuff!

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