Webinar: Understanding Saturn

Jessica Murray on SaturnJoin gifted astrologer Jessica Murray for a profoundly useful webinar about how to work more constructively with Saturn.

A serious approach to astrology requires a study of its symbols in their archetypal form, where we separate their essential meanings from the lore that surrounds them. To understand the core Saturn Archetype, we have to first wade through our Saturn Anxiety: its accumulated reservoir of negative associations.

Our first step is to acknowledge the exceptionality of the negativity that surrounds Saturn. How did this planet’s meaning get all weighted down with fear and dread? In this pre-recorded webinar, Jessica explores answers to these questions and more, with the aim of leaving you with tools to work constructively with this notorious planet.

1 hr. 26 min.

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Webinar: Understanding Uranus

Jessica Murray on UranusAs the first of the major planets beyond Saturn, Uranus is the battering ram of the solar system: it breaks through the walls that Saturn has erected. On a personal level, Uranus brings excitement and surprise into our lives, ruptures the bonds of habit and kindles our craving to be free. On a mundane level, it governs revolution -- including the tech revolution -- and the sudden social changes ignited by ideas whose time has come. On a transpersonal level, Uranus has profound lessons to teach those who are ready to take the plunge into new realms of consciousness.

Uranus, a mental planet, represents a certain kind of intelligence, native to each of us, that we need to remember we have. It breaks the rules of reality as we have known them. In this webinar, we will consider all of these layers of Uranus' meaning, and explore its rulership over the universal laws of spontaneity, genius and human individuality.

1 hr. 35 min.

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Webinar: Working with Neptune

Jessica Murray WebinarNeptune teaches us the nature of illusion. At its highest, it shows us the way through illusion; misunderstood, it mires us in self-delusion. The most mysterious of the three transpersonal planets, Neptune dissolves that which we think of as real. On a personal level, it challenges the certainties in our lives, replacing definite answers with soulful questions. In the service of melting down the ego, it blurs relationship boundaries and other mental constructs that separate us from others.

The placement of Neptune natally and by transit can indicate where we are subject to waves of imagination or divine discontent. While it may undermine our efforts to keep our lives ordinary, it is the only part of our chart that can address our yearning for spirit.

1 hr. 40 min.

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Webinar: Working with Pluto

Jessica Murray WebinarJessica presents the final installment of her Outer Planets series.

As the last and most intense of the major planets, Pluto represents what the ancients called the Dark Mysteries: those inscrutable laws of the Universe that mental intelligence alone cannot fathom. On a personal level, Pluto brings us breakdowns and new beginnings, whether we seek them or not. It forces our attention below the surface of life, to expose and purge habits that have become toxic.

On a mundane level, Pluto governs death, sex, the powers-that-be, and the complete makeover of social systems. Symbolized by the god of the underworld who wore a helmet of invisibility, Pluto represents the invisible and irrevocable process of decay. Its lessons, by natal placement and transit, come in the form of extraordinary challenges which, when met with detachment, lead to the most profound kind of growth there is.

1 hr. 33 min.


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Webinar: Honing Your Forecasting Skills

Frank Clifford Workshop Forecasting As consultant astrologers, rather than using forecasting tools to make firm predictions, we do our best work when we articulate the processes that can take place under various transits, progressions or directions. In doing so, students and clients recognize the ‘season’ they’re in and become aware of personal celestial cycles.

If you've ever been daunted or overwhelmed by forecasting, this seminar will offer a number of tools (including ‘Define and Connect’) to simplify the process of interpreting upcoming trends, and Frank will address a number of factors to take into consideration. Along the way, he'll introduce you to the most reliable and accurate forecasting tool, Solar Arc Directions, and show you how to use these simply and effectively to achieve maximum results. You'll be amazed!

3 hrs. 40 min.

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