Webinar: Understanding Saturn

Jessica Murray on SaturnJoin gifted astrologer Jessica Murray for a profoundly useful webinar about how to work more constructively with Saturn.

A serious approach to astrology requires a study of its symbols in their archetypal form, where we separate their essential meanings from the lore that surrounds them. To understand the core Saturn Archetype, we have to first wade through our Saturn Anxiety: its accumulated reservoir of negative associations.

Our first step is to acknowledge the exceptionality of the negativity that surrounds Saturn. How did this planet’s meaning get all weighted down with fear and dread? In this pre-recorded webinar, Jessica explores answers to these questions and more, with the aim of leaving you with tools to work constructively with this notorious planet.

1 hr. 26 min.

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Webinar: Venus Retrograde

webinar grand cross Nick Dagan BestLearn how Venus Retrograde operates in the birth chart. You'll hear some fascinating stories about well-known people with Venus Retrograde natally. You'll also learn how best to approach this important transiting cycle, and how to look at your own Venus Retrograde cycles historically.

Nick's skill at placing astrological events in historical context through his engaging recount of illuminating stories and world events will help shed light on the context and meaning of the dynamic and sometimes mysterious Venus Retrograde cycle.

This webinar is pre-recorded and available for immediate download.

1 hour. mov video format.


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Webinar: Preparing for Consultation

This webinar offers candid and practical advice for preparing for client consultations that combine natal and forecasting work. Frank leads you through the preparatory stages, gives advice on pinpointing key natal and forecasting themes, and discusses some of the main issues to consider before the client arrives.

Frank shares various tips and techniques (from testing the birth time at the start of the reading to "listening out" for what the client really needs) drawn from his 20 years' experience working with clients.

1 hr. 45 min.

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Webinar: Grand Crosses and T-Squares

webinar grand cross Nick Dagan Best Originally titled "The April 2014 Grand Cross", this webinar was recorded for folks who wanted to know a little bit more about the Grand Cross signature. The April 2014 Grand Cross is a very unique and rare planetary configuration which includes Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars retrograde in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. In this webinar, Nick spends about 15 minutes discussing the potential of this signature based on past historical events.

Then Nick shows how these configurations might work in our own lives by looking at the charts of well-known people who were born with a Grand Cross or T-Square prominent in the birth chart.

Nick also looks at Grand Crosses and T-Squares that form in the chart by transiting planets. Finally he look at an example in which this challenging signature is formed in synastry - when one person's planet completes the signature in a partner's chart.

1 hour 20 min. Streaming video and mp4 video download format.

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Webinar: Making the Most of Awkward Planet Pairings

Frank Clifford webinar planet pairingsFrank examines a number of so-called ‘difficult’ planetary combinations that many of us dread. Considering their meanings and principles, he draws on the charts and stories of clients and notable people to see how these have been used productively and successfully. Combinations include Moon–Uranus, Mercury–Saturn, Venus–Saturn, Mars–Neptune and Saturn–Neptune. Frank also looks at the much-maligned ‘square’ aspect.

1 hr. 35 min. Includes open Q&A with Frank.

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