Webinar: Working with Pluto

Jessica Murray WebinarJessica presents the final installment of her Outer Planets series.

As the last and most intense of the major planets, Pluto represents what the ancients called the Dark Mysteries: those inscrutable laws of the Universe that mental intelligence alone cannot fathom. On a personal level, Pluto brings us breakdowns and new beginnings, whether we seek them or not. It forces our attention below the surface of life, to expose and purge habits that have become toxic.

On a mundane level, Pluto governs death, sex, the powers-that-be, and the complete makeover of social systems. Symbolized by the god of the underworld who wore a helmet of invisibility, Pluto represents the invisible and irrevocable process of decay. Its lessons, by natal placement and transit, come in the form of extraordinary challenges which, when met with detachment, lead to the most profound kind of growth there is.

1 hr. 33 min.


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