What is a T-Square?

geometric square

A t-square is a special aspect pattern in which 3 or more planets combine in a unique configuration. T-squares are made of of one opposition plus two squares between at least 3 planets. These dynamic aspects can describe intense energies that we’re asked to channel as we come to terms with often conflicting drives within ourselves.

T-squares can be challenging, but many folks have done great things by working with the energy that can come out of wrestling with them. This includes the talented Lorraine Hansberry, who broke new ground and ignited important conversations about race in the late 1950s with her play “A Raisin in the Sun”.

To work with your own t-square, you’ll want to get to know your focal planet well, as well as understanding the balance between the planets involved. Is one dominating the conversation? Is there one you don’t like and tend to repress or deny?

Learn more about t-squares in this video by Tony Howard.

Learn more about t-squares and other major aspect patterns:

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