When Will This Transit End?

Outer Planet Transits

In this episode, Lilly Falconer joins Tony Howard to address the often-asked question: when will this transit end? In this casual chat between astrologers we talk about outer planet transits as processes, the nature of time, and resonance with an artist’s work and a particular transit peak.

Our featured non-profit this month is Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. Learn more about their mission to relieve isolation and loneliness among seniors citizens at: http://littlebrotherssf.org/

You can learn more about Lilly’s work here.

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Neal Laite

Thanks for this wonderful presentation, Lilly. There are so many things to ponder in this presentation. I was introduced to the body/mind connection over 30 years ago, and I really resonate with your thoughts about Saturn transits! I tried going to a more plant based diet 5 years ago, and just was not very successful. I’m giving it another try, and it is going much better this time! Also, in terms of art and movies, one of my all time favorite movies was the 1956 Auntie Mame, with Rosalind Russell, and I finally looked up her chart, and like me, she has the Moon in Aries. Thanks so much, Lilly!

Victoria Pendragon

This was quite marvelous, thank you! As as a painter and an author, I was especially moved by Ms Falconer’s brief explanation of her attration to the arts. I was born with this combo (Pl right on my midheaven) and, I have to say, my body seems to recognize it! I was hospitalized with TB shortly after my birth and found myself back in the hospital again just 2 weeks ago. LOL. Again, thank you! (Also, as a counselor/mentor and someone who’s been into astrology since 1964, I have to mention how very much I appreciate the psychological approach…. it helps me a great deal in my work!)

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