Four Year Program

Professional Astrologer Certification 4-year Program

If you’ve been looking for an astrology training program that will give you access to the best teachers available while exposing you to a diverse set of teachings designed to help you become a successful astrologer, you’ve found a home at Astrology University.

Learn this inspiring and life-changing craft through our structured curriculum specially curated to expose you to a diversity of ideas and methods. In our 4-year program you’ll study with not just one, but several master astrologers as you learn the key teachings of Western astrology. 

Through our unique approach, you’ll develop and/or improve your analytical skills while enhancing your creativity and confidence reading charts.

Break out of the self-study doldrums and amp up your skills through hands-on mentoring while you reap the benefits of following a guided curriculum designed to help facilitate your success.

You’ll get assistance moving past common barriers astrology students experience, such as difficulty synthesizing planets, signs and houses, or identifying the most important themes in a chart.

Choose the Certification or Personal Development Track

With the optional certification track, you’ll gain confidence in your ability interpret charts with direct feedback. 
Join our program to move beyond repeating generic memorized information and unlock your creative potential as an inspiring astrologer who helps others feel empowered to make life-affirming choices, as you facilitate a healing experience of connection to the cosmos.

The Professional Astrologer Certification Program will provide a broad and diverse education in astrological methods and styles of thought to students seeking to either deepen their understanding of astrology or to become working professional astrologers.

You will learn the core building blocks of Western astrological practice and will be introduced to these main approaches to Western Astrology: Psychological, Humanistic, Archetypal and Mythic, Ancient/Traditional, and Evolutionary/Transformational. 

Over the course of your studies, you will be exposed to a diverse set of teachings that will ultimately map out an approach to astrology that is empowering, life-affirming and respectful of the power of free will to intentionally engage with life.

You will have the option to study on one of two tracks: Certification or Personal Development. Students on the certification track will complete written assignments and testing. 

The program instruction is offered over 4 years, but students may choose to take more time to complete the requirements at their own pace.

Non-certification students can attend any course a-la-carte. Certification students must complete all course requirements, and/or test out of courses they’re already proficient in. There will be a nominal fee to test out of a course to cover the cost of grading.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality astrology education with master instructors who can teach as well as they inspire. Our unique approach introduces students to a diverse menu of astrological styles and teachers so that they can benefit from a well-rounded education, just as they would in a traditional university. 

To see the world through an astrological lens is to unlock creativity and inspiration as well as a soul-stirring feeling of connection with the cosmos. Our goal is to facilitate this experience as we create community, connection, and inspiration for living an intentional life.

Pricing and Registration Details

Pricing per course:

  • $295 non-certification track
  • $350 certification track

2019-2020 Calendar
Classes start August 8, 2019

We will offer 9 courses per year over four years. Each course is four weeks. We will take one week off between sessions and two weeks off between the December and January sessions.


Our stellar faculty for the 4-year program includes: Kelly Surtees, Safron Rossi, Lynn Bell, Darby Costello, Frank Clifford, Mark Jones, Tony Howard, Jason Holley and special guest instructors.