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Moon through the 12 signs

Steven Forrest presents

The Moon through the 12 Signs

Steven Forrest introduces the  dynamic, multi-dimensional nature of the Moon, then explores how it functions in each one of the twelves signs of the Zodiac.

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Our mission is to facilitate the best astrology education with quality instructors who can teach as well as they inspire you. We provide you with a diverse menu of astrological styles and teachings so that you can benefit from a well-rounded education. To see the world through an astrological lens is to unlock creativity and inspiration and a soul-stirring feeling of connection with the cosmos. We're so glad you're here!
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We're dedicated to helping you have the best experience as you further your astrological education. 
Tony Howard
Tony HowardFounder & Education Curator
Astrology is woven into the fabric of my life and it is my pleasure to connect you with the many wonderful teachers here.
Rob Paul
Rob PaulCustomer Happiness Officer
I didn’t choose the astro-life, the astro-life choose me. And I’m here if you need any support along the way.
Katie Sloan
Katie SloanNumber Wrangler and Admin Magician
Astrology, tarot and healthy nutrition are my passions. When I'm not working you'll find me enjoying hikes along Colorado's front range.


Here are a few reasons why people love Astrology University. We're proud of what we do and it's super gratifying that you dig it too. 
I love the variety of knowledgeable astrologers and topics at Astrology University, and the ease of access for viewing webinars and courses.
I just love being able to learn from so many wonderful Astrologers in the comfort of my own home. It's never ceased to amaze me that each webinar is connecting me to so many like-minded people from around the world.
Astrology University is the catalyst for creating a dazzling ripple effect of the Golden Age of Astrology by making high-quality astrology accessible to everyone.

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