Beginning Astrology Study Guidelines

Courses for Astrology Beginners

It’s important in any course of study to have a strong foundation in the astro basics. The following courses, webinars, audio downloads and reading suggestions will help you create a solid course of self-guided astrology study

If you’re interested in a structured program, you’re in luck! Try out the first year of our four-year program which is curated with best instructors, books and video lessons to help you learn astrology from the ground up and to become confident reading charts. 

We’re available for one-on-one mentoring and tutoring when you need it. Just reach out and we’ll help connect you with one of our fine teachers for private sessions. We’re here to help get your studies moving in the right direction, get the answer to a burning question, or apply what you’ve learned in one of our online courses.

At the beginning, you’ll need to spend time getting to know the building blocks of astrology: Signs, Planets and Houses. All styles of astrology are built out of these core symbols.

Practical Astrology for Beginners

These courses will introduce you to the basic building blocks of astrology. You’ll learn how a natal chart is constructed, discover some of the ways to best actualize the planets and the signs, learn what the houses are and why they’re so important to interpretation, and discover some of the big-picture ideas that make astrology so inspiring and so useful as a tool for personal growth.

  • Intro to Astrological Symbols – Learn astrology from the ground up starting with the first course in our four-year astrologer training program!
  • Beginning Astrology – A Language of Life with Robert Blaschke. This classic audio program introduces you to the full set of astrological symbols. From there you can deepen your study with additional courses or webinars.
  • Practical Astrology for Beginners with Kelly Surtees. If you’re a Kelly Surtees fan already, you may want to just dive into her beginner course, which is the first of a series of courses designed to teach you how to do chart interpretation using Kelly’s favorite techniques.

beginning astrology

Astrology Building Blocks

Planets, Signs and Houses

These are the building blocks of astrology. You’ll need to understand the basic symbols (planets, signs and houses) to do just about anything with astrology, whether you want to read birth chart or understand the unique energies that unfold anew every day. 

Steven Forrest’s Elements Series covers all of the major astrological symbols over 4 audio lectures.


We don’t currently offer any beginning-level webinars on just the signs, but we will soon! Once you get to the intermediate level, we have some wonderful signs lectures with Jason Holley that explore the more nuanced mythic and psychological dynamics. But at the beginning level, we suggest keeping it simple!

Until we have a standalone set of signs lectures for beginners, start with the Elements series by Steven Forrest above. 3 signs are covered in detail in each series, in addition to the major planets and all 12 houses. 

This talk by Jeff Jawer addresses the signs from a humanistic perspective:


You can spend a lifetime exploring the meaning of the planets! But you have to start somewhere. Here are some great webinars and classes that will get you started. 


The houses are the places where all the action happens. Every planet is in a sign and a house. The sign tells us about the style, the mode or the agenda the planet has. While the house describes where that planet expresses most visibly in our life.

If you’re brand new to astrology, start with the planets and then the signs. Once you’re feeling comfortable with those, add the houses. Here are some classes to get you started with the houses: 

Supplementary Topics for Beginners

Once you have a handle on the planets, signs and houses, it’s important to take in the elements and modalities. 

Exploring our rich history will help you place astrology in the current context of our times as well as develop a profound respect for our craft. 

Elements and Modalities

The History of Astrology

Learning about the rich history of our craft can inspire awe and wonder as well as an appreciation for the context current astrological study arises from.

Recommended Reading for Beginners

Search for these books at your favorite local book shop or online.


“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ”


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