Four-Year Program

Professional Astrologer

Training and Certification

Four-Year Program

Professional Astrologer

Training and Certification


Two Tracks of Study

You may take courses in our four-year training program with two options for study: certification and non-certification. What’s the difference?


In the non-certification track, you have complete freedom to choose which courses you’re interested in. There are no rules about which courses you need to take. There is no homework required, no grading or testing, and no personal support with your education.

We created the non-certification track for students who may have been studying astrology for some time, but are interested in some of our courses. We will have courses in our program that you can’t find elsewhere, and we want everyone to be able to take just the courses they’re interested in.

If you choose the non-certification option at checkout, your courses won’t count towards eventual certification.

Non-certification students will still have access to the same material as certification students. You will still get the same homework assignments – you just won’t have to turn in your homework. You won’t have to take quizzes and tests, and you won’t have to turn in any writing assignments.

Non-certification is perfect for students interested in astrology as a tool for personal growth, for long-time astrologers or astrology lovers who are interested in specific courses but not the entire program, and for students who excel at independent study.


We created the certification track – and the four-year program in general – to give astrology students a structured course of study, with materials chosen specifically to help them feel confident reading a chart by the end of the four-year program.

We hand-select the reading materials and teachers who will best prepare you to read charts – to sort through the most important techniques to be able to provide an empowering reading, consult or coaching session to a client, friend or family member.

Our certification track requires completion of every course in the program (or testing out of those you’re able to).

Certification students will be required to complete homework assignments, take quizzes and tests, including written and oral exams. Testing is an important part of learning and retention. One of the main problems with self-study is that we don’t often challenge ourselves to put the information we’re learning into practice. If we don’t start working with the material right away, we quickly forget, and then get distracted by learning yet another interesting or compelling technique that we also don’t integrate. This is why we meet students who say they’ve been studying for 20 years and still don’t feel confident reading a chart.

Our testing is meant to help you succeed, and we will be with you every step of the way. If you’re falling short with testing, we’ll help you figure out why and work with you to build your skills and confidence.

We Help You Sort Through the Most Important Information

We hear from students that it is confusing learning astrology once you’re exposed to the sheer amount of available information, and the often conflicting points of view, techniques, and guidelines offered by different teachers. Our goal is to help students learn to think critically. We can’t promise you won’t be confused at different points in your education. That’s a normal part of the process when you are exposed to different approaches to chart reading, to the different techniques and house systems. We will teach you some of the main points of contention in astrology and how to formulate your own thoughts and make your own choices about techniques, and style, so that you find your own voice.

We Help You Learn to Think Critically

Students also let us know that astrology is hard because there’s so much to learn and it can be difficult finding the time, or memorizing the vast array of symbols and astrological tools. The truth is that you’re going to have to put in some hard work to become an astrologer. You’ll need to develop many skill sets. You’ll have to memorize information, but you’ll also have to learn creative synthesis. And on top of that, you’ll need to develop consulting skills if you want to work professionally with others.

The good news is that we’re going to make this learning experience as accessible – and fun – as possible.

How Many Hours a Week of Study Are Required in One Course

It is our goal that a person with a full-time job and a child at home could complete the minimum requirements of our courses. Each course will require a minimum of 6 hours of study – including the class time, reading and homework.

We will provide additional reading assignments and suggestions for further study for students with enough time to devote 10 to 15 hours of study each week. These material in these additional assignments will not be required, but are strongly recommend for those with the time.

Each of our courses is four weeks long.Each week of the course will be composed of a minimum of:

  • One video lesson at least 90 min. long.
  • One live Q&A session at least 90 min. long.
  • One reading assignment
  • One homework assignment
  • Short quiz (in weeks 2, 3 and 4) to test your retention of the previous week’s material
  • Online discussion area for students to ask questions and engage with the course instructors.

Each course will end with either a final exam or essay assignment (or both). Some courses later in the series will require a recorded verbal exam (either audio or video) to either demonstrate your grasp of the course material or to demonstrate basic chart reading skills related to the material taught.

Can I Test Out of Courses I Don’t Need?

Yes! You will be able to test out of many courses in our program. Course which are unique to our program and more advanced courses will not include an option to test out. However many of the introductory courses will include that option.

Testing out will either require a multiple choice exam, a written exam or an oral exam. Fees will vary depending on the exam type and amount of grading time required. But we will make every effort to keep the testing out fees minimal.

Optional Summer Retreat In Person in Bend, OR

At the end of each year, we will offer an optional in-person retreat in Bend, OR. This retreat will allow students to connect with each other in person, and to connect with instructors in the program.

We’ll spend extra time integrating what we’ve learned in the previous year. As a group, you’ll select topics from the year that you’d like to explore deeper and we’ll work through charts of participants as well as famous figures throughout the retreat.

You’ll have the option to attend for 2 or 5 days.


Our program courses are offered a la carte. You can choose to join the course live, or enroll after the live presentation and watch the recordings. Online discussion is monitored regularly whether the course is live or pre-recorded, so all students will get direct feedback and response to questions. 

“Our own marvelously complex nature depends on and is embedded in the universe.” -RICHARD TARNAS

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“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. 

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