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live webinar

June 29, 2019

Fixed Stars: Power and Success

with Kelly Surtees

Discover the power of fixed stars in astrology and see which fixed star stories are woven into your birth chart.

You’ll learn:

  • Which fixed stars have the most power
  • How to connect a fixed star to your birth chart
  • Which fixed star myths will influence your life – and when

9am Pacific Time (convert to your time zone)
$25 (through June 27; $30 thereafter)

live webinar

JuLY 6, 2019

Taming the Dragon: Your Guide to the Midyear Eclipses

with Kelly Surtees and Kenneth Miller

Eclipses open a portal between worlds. How do the midyear eclipses influence your chart? What are the best ways to work with the solar and lunar eclipses? What are the saros series? How do the 9 and 18 year cycles of the nodes highlight eclipse pathways in your life?

Explore the dance between darkness and light, shadow and radiance as our panelists take you on a journey into the liminal, in between space of the eclipse season. Learn a protective mantra from the Indian tradition to say during the eclipses.

9am Pacific Time (convert to your time zone)
$25 (through July 4; $30 thereafter)

live webinar

JuLY 20, 2019

Cancer in Myth and Psyche

with Jason Holley

Jason Holley continues his mythic tour of the zodiac in this inspiring webinar on the Cancer archetype.

9am Pacific Time (convert to your time zone)
$25 (through July 18; $30 thereafter)

live webinar

JuLY 27, 2019

The Second Saturn Return in 2019

with Darby Costello

In this webinar, Darby will explore the second Saturn Return for those born with Saturn in Capricorn. She’ll talk about having your Saturn Return while Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

9am Pacific Time (convert to your time zone)
$25 (through July 25; $30 thereafter)

online course

August 8-29, 2019

Intro to the Astrological Symbols

with Tony Howard

In this first course of our new four-year program you will learn the basic symbols necessary for deeper astrological study: 14 Planetary Symbols, 12 Signs, and 12 houses.

This class also includes an introduction to setting up a chart in an astrology program, a class on how to use the ephemeris, and an introduction to house systems.

  • Week 1: Astrology, planetary archetypes and the wonder of the night sky
  • Week 2: The 12 signs as expressions of embodied experience
  • Week 3: The 12 Houses and intro to house systems
  • Week 4: Setting up a chart, using the ephemeris

Dates: August 8 through September 1, 2019
Class times: Thursdays at 5:30pm and Sundays at 2pm (Pacific Time)
$295 (non-certification) / $350 (certification)

First course of our new four-year program.

live webinar

August 10, 2019

Power Points: Activating Your Ascendant and Midheaven

with Kelly Surtees

Unlock potential by working with the planets associated with your Ascendant and Midheaven. Go beyond identity and career and discover how these angles – and their associated planets – describe a focus and purpose for your life. These angles and their planets have the power to inspire or prod you forward into the world. Learn the true meaning of the angles. Discover two of your most influential planets.

9am Pacific Time (convert to your time zone)
$25 (through August 8; $30 thereafter)

live webinar

August 17, 2019

Speed Reading the Karmic Signature

with Steven Forrest

In this webinar, we explore a quick, one-size-fits-all procedure for “glancing” at a nodal structure and drawing accurate conclusions about the karma that has ripened in this present lifetime. When astrology becomes too academic, the heart shuts down – and that is a shame since your heart can often see things “in the first two seconds” that your head might still miss after an hour of fussy analysis.

9am Pacific Time (convert to your time zone)
$25 (through August 15; $30 thereafter)

live webinar

August 25, 2019

The End of the Bronze Age: A Message for Our Times?

with Karen Hamaker-Zondag

Dr. Eric H. Cline’s work reveals eerie parallels between the Bronze Age and today’s 21st century. Today many people are afraid western civilization is on the brink of a collapse too.

In this webinar we are going to look at the historic parallels, and what astrology can reveal about both times, and how it can help us to navigate. It gives a totally new perspective over our time.

9am Pacific Time (convert to your time zone)
$25 (through August 23; $30 thereafter)

in-person workshop

September 25-29, 2019

Hellenistic Astrology Retreat: How to Evaluate Planetary Condition

with Demetra George

Join Demetra for her annual retreat in Bend, Oregon. This year she presents the first of three workshops that make up her new complete training program.

In this workshop you’ll learn to evaluate each planet in a birth chart through a series of rigorous methods that will include:

  • sect, gender, benefic/malefic nature
  • signs and rulerships (residences, reception, exaltations, triplicities, bounds)
  • the solar phase cycle (speed, direction, visibility, phases, phasis)
  • lunar considerations (course, phase, bonding, nodes, eclipses, prenatal lunation)
  • aspects (configurations, witnessing, testimony, connections, enclosures, interventions, overcoming, and hurling rays, bonification, maltreatment).

The optional Certification of Competency will be awarded with a satisfactory written and oral exam and submission of a paper. Participants who have attended previous retreats can receive credit towards certification and apply to take the exam.

Dates: Sept. 25 – 29, 2019
Times: 9:30am-5:00pm daily
Location: Hilton Garden Inn – Bend, Oregon
Cost: $850 Earlybird rate through June 15; $950 thereafter. 

in-person workshop

January 24-26, 2020

2020 – The Year Ahead Astrology Retreat

with Kelly Surtees and Tony Howard

Join Kelly Surtees and Tony Howard for a winter astrology retreat that will help you make the most of 2020. You’ll learn how to use annual profections and transits to understand and align with the powerful energies unfolding in this momentous year. And you’ll leave with practical tools for working with these planetary processes in your own chart.

Location: The Kimpton Rowan Hotel Palm Springs, CA
Cost: $435 (if registered by December 1, 2019; $497 thereafter)