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We offer both an “a la carte” approach to learning astrology as well as a curated and structured approach, so you can choose which style works best for you. We understand that people find us at all stages of learning, and we create custom content every week to cover a wide variety of astrological topics. This works well if you’ve been studying astrology for some time, as many of our students have. But if you’re new to astrology, it can be confusing figuring out where to start.

Also, sometimes having such a variety of viewpoints and styles and techniques can be confusing. So we’ve created study guidelines for you depending on your objectives. Here’s a guide if you’re new to astrology. And this guide is for you if you’ve been studying for more than a year.

Ready for more guidance with your first year of study? Check out our more comprehensive guidelines for study based on your goals.

These guidelines provide suggestions based on our current course offerings in addition to recommended outside reading.

Recommendations by Goal

Recommendations by Astrological Style

Go Pro With Our 4-year Training Program

We also offer an intensive, guided study program for learning astrology. You have the option to commit to the entire course of study, or to take the semesters and modules you need to fill in the gaps of your education.

We provide a well-rounded approach to astrological study, much like you’d find at a college. In the first semester, you’ll be introduced to the core symbols of astrology – signs, planets and houses. And in subsequent semesters you’ll learn how to read a birth chart, timing techniques, and best practices in counseling and business approaches.

But the thing that sets our program apart from others is that you’ll also get exposed to a variety of astrological approaches and schools of thought. We’ll focus on these in the 4-year program: Modern Psychological, Humanistic, Mythic and Archetypal, Traditional and Hellenistic, Evolutionary and Transformational astrology.

The Benefits of a Well-Rounded Program

In any well-rounded academic program, students get exposed to many master teachers and many ideas. This serves to help the student individuate by getting exposed to ideas that resonate with them. And students learn how to begin thinking creatively and analytically for themselves.

When we study with one teacher in a guru or mentor type of relationship, and pursue one style of practice, we run the risk of becoming too myopic. There is a danger of becoming a parrot or mimic of a technique that may not even be the best fit for you. There are advantages too – less confusion, a clear path towards mastery of that technique. But in college we don’t just have one professor for all 4 years for a reason. We get the best of both worlds. We get to study with a professor intensively if we choose. But we’re also required to take in other courses, other points of view, so that our understanding remains well-versed in the knowledge circulated within the community, which can serve as a check and balance for distorted or incomplete teaching.

Guided Mentoring and Testing for Comprehension

Because astrology has been shut out of traditional academia for so long, most students of astrology are self-taught. Lucky students mentor with a practicing (and successful) astrologer. Or some stumble upon one of the many fine comprehensive trainings offered by astrological organizations. But it’s uncommon to find a course of study that includes both exposure to varied approaches and also testing and hands-on mentoring to help improve comprehension and mastery. And that’s just what we offer.

In our 4-year curriculum, students will have the option to enroll for each semester either for credit/certificate or as an “audit only” student. Credit/certificate students will have homework assignments (some graded), can attend office hours to ask questions, and will have study projects designed to help them demonstrate their understanding of the material taught in each course.

Our testing and mentoring has the goal of helping you attain mastery. You’ll get instant and regular feedback about your progress, help you feel lost, guidance when you need it, and positive reinforcement when you’re on the right track.

Learn more here and get started today!

Take care,

Tony Howard
Dean of Studies


“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ”


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