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  • Sale! 7th House Relationships
  • Houses of Endings
  • 7th House Shadowdancing
  • Astrological Houses with Brian Clark
  • 12 Kingdoms
  • Books and Transcripts

    12th House Planets – Transcript

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  • The Four Angles Course

    The Four Angles Course

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  • Kelly Surtees
    2020 Webinars

    12th House Planets

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  • The Houses Course
  • Dive Into Darkness
  • Ascendant
  • Remedies
  • The Ascendant Lord
  • Sale! Astrology of Sect
  • Houses
    Chart Interpretation Intermediate and Advanced

    Psychologizing Sect – Houses

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  • House Rulerhship
    Basics and Foundations

    Rulership of the Houses for Beginners

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  • Midheaven Ascendant webinar
  • Derived Houses
  • 8th house astrology workshop
  • Air element symbols
    Basics and Foundations

    The Air Symbols – Dazzlers

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  • The Astrological Fire symbols
    Basics and Foundations

    The Fire Symbols – Lifegivers

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  • The 12 houses astrology
  • 11th and 12th house Lynn Bell
  • Moon through the 12 houses
    Basics and Foundations

    An Intro to the Moon in the 12 Houses

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  • the four angles astrology course
    Chart Interpretation Intermediate and Advanced

    The Four Angles – The Cross of Matter

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  • Webinar: The 12th House - Beyond Space and Time
  • The Water Symbols: Nurturing the Roots
  • Earth Element Symbols: The Solid, Practical and Real
  • Love's Three Faces: Houses Five, Seven and Eight
  • Webinar:  Spotlight on Success - Making the Most of Your Midheaven
  • Webinar: ​The 8th House - Intimacy and Vulnerability
  • Webinar: ​The Ascendant and Midheaven in Combination
  • Intro to the Water Houses
    Darby Costello

    Intro to the Water Houses

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  • The Eleventh House Webinar: The Good Daimonic Spirit
  • The Tenth House Webinar
    Demetra George

    The Tenth House Webinar

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  • The Ninth House Webinar - The Sun God
  • The 7th House Webinar
  • Webinar: The 4th House
  • When Planets Hit the Ascendant
  • The Ascendant: The Mask You Wear
    Basics and Foundations

    The Ascendant – The Mask You Wear

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  • How Lucky are You?: The 11th House of Good Spirit
  • The Twelfth House Webinar
  • 8th House Astrology webinar
    Demetra George

    The Eighth House Webinar

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  • The 12th House: Listening to the Daemon
  • Second House Webinar
  • Third House Astrology
  • The Fifth House Webinar: Good Fortune
  • The Fourth House Webinar: Under the Earth
  • The Sixth House Webinar
  • First House Astrology
  • The 11th House - Goals and Aspirations
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