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  • Transitos del 2020
  • Deep Mercury Hermes
  • Jupiter in Capricorn
  • planets of destiny
    Kelly Surtees

    Planets of Destiny

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  • Apects
  • Houses
    Chart Interpretation Intermediate and Advanced

    Psychologizing Sect – Houses

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  • Planet and Signs
  • Sale! Astrology of Sect
  • Remedies
  • Saturn in Aquarius
  • Jupiter Saturn astrology workshop
  • Outer Planets Astrology Course
  • Times A'Changing
  • revisiting aquarius
  • uranus enters taurus
  • Uranus in Taurus
  • Moon through the 12 houses
  • Mercury through the 12 Signs
  • Mars our warrior
  • Air element symbols
  • The Astrological Fire symbols
  • The Water Symbols: Nurturing the Roots
  • Earth Element Symbols: The Solid, Practical and Real
  • The Mysteries of Venus
  • Saturn in Capricorn
    Evolutionary Astrology

    Saturn in Capricorn

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  • The Nodes of the Moon - A Humanistic Perspective
  • Jupiter and Saturn
  • The Sabian Sybmols
  • Catching a Glimpse of Trickster Mercury
  • Ceres, Pluto and the Nodes
  • Webinar: Challenging Mars
  • Webinar: Exploring Jupiter and Saturn in Modern Life
  • Hidden Dimensions of the Moon
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Hidden Dimensions of the Moon

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  • Pluto in the U.S. Chart
    Frank Clifford

    Pluto in the U.S. Chart

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  • Sale! Jupiter in Libra through the 12 Houses
  • Jupiter: The Old High God in a Secular World
  • Webinar: Keeping Your Moon Healthy
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Keeping Your Moon Healthy

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  • Mars and the Spiritual Warrior
  • Webinar: Mars-Neptune Aspects
  • Mercury Double Take
    Demetra George

    Mercury Double Take

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  • Mercury, Venus, and Mars: Purifying the Three Poisons
  • Webinar: Neptune in Aspect
  • Neptune in Pisces - The Big Wave
  • Neptune in Pisces: Navigating the Invisible
  • Neptune Transits through the 12 Houses
  • Neptune: Healing Waters
  • The Moon in the 12 Houses - Audio
  • Pluto in Capricorn
    Darby Costello

    Pluto in Capricorn

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  • From Saturn in Libra to Scorpio
  • Webinar: Pluto Transits

    Pluto Transits

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  • Saturn & Uranus: Holding On and Letting Go
  • Saturn and Neptune - Making Dreams Real
  • Saturn in Sagittarius
    Darby Costello

    Saturn in Sagittarius

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  • Saturn in Sagittarius through the 12 Houses
  • Webinar: Saturn Square Neptune
  • Saturn Success Stories
  • Saturn Neptune Astrology Webinar
  • Saturn: The Guardian of our True Potential
  • Silver Strokes: Working With The Moon Phases
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Silver Strokes – Working With The Moon Phases

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  • Sale! The Mercury Workshop

    The Mercury Workshop

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  • The Nature and Function of Pluto
    Evolutionary Astrology

    The Nature and Function of Pluto

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  • The Outer Planets in Combination
  • Webinar: Saturn Aspects

    Saturn Aspects

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  • Webinar: Working with Pluto
    Jessica Murray

    Working with Pluto

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  • Webinar: Working with Neptune
    Jessica Murray

    Working with Neptune

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  • Sale! True Power: the Nature and Purpose of the Outer Planets
  • Webinar: Understanding Uranus
    Jessica Murray

    Understanding Uranus

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  • Waves Become Wings - Neptune, Betrayal and the Myth of Ariadne
  • Webinar: Understanding Saturn
    Jessica Murray

    Understanding Saturn

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  • Unlocking Your Venus Aspects
  • Venus & Aphrodite: The Power of Love
  • Webinar: Venus Retrograde
    Nick Dagan Best

    Venus Retrograde

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  • Venus through the 12 Signs
  • Your First Saturn Return
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