Enrollment FAQ

Is Astrology University accredited?

Nope! It’s not actually possible in our current culture for an astrology-based school to be accredited in the United States. Kepler College tried and they were denied, even though they gave it their best shot and played by all the rules. And we commend everyone involved with that endeavor for trying to make it work. Unfortunately, there are a lot of powerful people in academia who haven’t experienced the best of what astrology has to offer, so they doubt it, and despise or fear what they don’t understand.

Meanwhile, there are people quietly doing rigorous academic work using astrology nonetheless.

While we don’t claim to be or aim to be a “true” university, we will always offer you the highest quality astrological teaching we’re able to, from some of the best and most well-respected teachers in the field.

How do I enroll?

You don’t need to do anything special to enroll. All you need to do to get started is pick a class, webinar or course you’re interested in and sign up. Learn more about our a la carte program of study or get information about our four-year curated training program.

I’m new to astrology. Where do I start?

If you’re brand new to astrology, we recommend Robert Blaschke’s excellent audio course Beginning Astrology: A Language of Life. Robert’s course is clear and easy to follow and will give you a great foundation from which to build on your studies.

For a more modern video-based course, enroll in Intro to Astrological Symbols, created for new beginners.

Intro To Astrology

After completing one of these courses, schedule a free 15-minute advising session with Tony and we’ll help you create a course of study tailored to your specific goals.

Do you have a guided program of study?

Yes we do! Learn more here about our Four Year program.

Do I need to get an astrology certification?

The answer to that question depends on your intention. Are you hoping that a certification will improve your chances of attracting clients? If so, you should know right now that it won’t. The profession of astrology isn’t governed by one national board, and there are no nationally-recognized standards of certification that the general public knows about. So that wonderful astrology certification you worked years on won’t really help you get clients. But will it make you a better astrologer? That’s highly likely.

Which brings me to a reason you might actually want to pursue certification: for educational reasons. Many certifications include a well-rounded course of study. You’ll likely be asked to read a lot, work up many charts, and complete different forms of testing to attain certification. You could do this on your own. But if you find it hard to self-motivate, or to stay focused in your studies, working towards a certification can give you that extra boost to complete your studies and really apply yourself.

So do you need a certification to be successful? No you don’t. But you might want to get one to help motivate you to apply yourself to your studies.

Can I get certified through Astrology University?

Yes! You can get certified through our new 4-year professional astrologer training program.

What if I have already purchased webinars included in the “Bonus Material” for a course?

Some courses contain “bonus” material in the form of a webinar or audio recording from our archives. We include this material to supplement the material taught in the course and offer it at no additional charge. 

If you have purchased any of the bonus material previously we aren’t able to offer a refund due to the royalty agreements with the speakers. 

More Questions?

Contact us!  We’re here to help. 


“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ”


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