Relationship Techniques

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  • Sale! The Group Horoscope
  • Love's Inner Alchemy astrology course
  • Alchemy of Relationships Part 3
  • Saying I do
  • Alchemy Part 2
  • Alchemy Relationships
  • Astrology Relationships Workshop
  • Meeting Remarkable People
    Evolutionary Astrology

    Meeting Remarkable People

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  • Astrology of Intimate Relationships
  • relationship astrology course
  • The Nodes of the Moon in Relationships
    Evolutionary Astrology

    The Nodes of the Moon in Relationships

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  • Forecasting Critical Points in Relationships
  • Webinar: Your Progressed Venus - Timing Trends in Love and Life
  • The Composite Chart - What's Love Got to Do with It?
  • Astrology and Intimacy
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Astrology and Intimacy

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  • Unlocking Your Venus Aspects
  • Pluto in the Composite Chart: The Lover's Guide
  • Introduction to the Evolutionary Approach to Composite Charts
  • Webinar: Introduction to Relationship Astrology
  • A Traditional Approach to the Topic of Relationships
  • The Power of the Composite Chart Workshop
  • Family Dynamics Workshop
    General Chart Analysis Topics

    Family Dynamics Workshop

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