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Astrology Training Program

Program Curriculum

Four-Year Program Professional Astrologer Training and Certification ENROLL IN COURSE ONE Four-Year Program Professional Astrologer Training and Certification ENROLL NOW IN COURSE ONE PROGRAM CURRICULUM Rolling enrollment is open for self-study! Start from the beginning and work towards certification OR take only the courses you’re interested in and study at your own pace.  Join the

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This November: Not Your Average Mercury Retrograde

by Tony Howard (see the “general public” version of this info here) Hey astrologers! Mercury completes its last retrograde cycle for 2018 this month. But this is no ordinary Mercury retrograde cycle because Mercury will be simultaneously out of bounds, squaring Neptune, and in Sagittarius – the sign of its detriment. Here are the important

Destiny Summit Speakers

2-day Virtual Summit Finding the Life You Were Born to Live Astrology, Life Purpose and Destiny GET ACCESS NOW! SPEAKER BIOS Facebook Shopping-cart Lynn Bell Lynn Bell is a Paris-based astrologer whose work spans multiple cultures as a speaker, teacher, author and consultant in astrology. She lectures and teaches seminars around the world, including The

The Assassination of Gianni Versace

The Astrological Link Between Gianni Versace and His Killer

by Frank Clifford and Tony Howard Late in 2017, Frank Clifford was visiting Miami just a stone’s throw from Gianni Versace’s former home and the scene of his tragic slaying. The area was abuzz with news of the miniseries American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, which first aired January 7, 2018. Versace’s shocking,

Mars and the Spiritual Warrior

Mars and the Spiritual Warrior

Will you be the hunter or will you be the prey? Some of us might ask whether there is a third choice, say “a vegetarian course?” But sometimes there is no such choice. Sometimes we are faced with the need to defend our boundaries — or to defend the well-being of those who count on

Hidden Dimensions of the Moon

Hidden Dimensions of the Moon

In this intensive workshop based on The Book of the Moon, you’ll learn about the often overlooked dimensions of the moon, including the lunar phases, the progressed moon, speed, and the moon at high declination, or out of bounds. Steven begins with a general description of the moon’s associations, including a an extended discussion of


Is Your Subpersonality Running the Show?

by Pamela Welch, M.A., C.C.Ht.(Originally published as “Subpersonalities: The Planetary Shadow” in The Mountain Astrologer magazine. Republished in remembrance of Pamela, who passed away in March 2012.) Just as the galaxies in the heavens are spiral-shaped masses of celestial bodies and stars, so too are our own psyches a spiral of energetic patterns and psychic

Hellenistic Time Lords

Hellenistic Time Lords

Demetra George explores the ancient and rarely used “time lord” system of Hellenistic astrology. Recent translations of ancient Greek astrological texts reveal the practice of a number of time lord systems where a succession of certain planets indicate the broad divisions of the fortunate and difficult periods over the course of the life. According to

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Critical Points: The First and Final Degrees of a Sign

by Frank Clifford Editor’s Note: This article appeared in The Mountain Astrologer December 2012 and is reprinted with permission. Frank continues this exploration in his Power Degrees webinar. In this column, I’ll be looking at the first degree and, in particular, the last degree of a sign and their significance. I’ve chosen three examples where the Sun

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