The Aspect Patterns Course



Learn the meaning of the major aspect patterns. In this course we’ll look at aspects that combine to form complex patterns, such as the t-square, which is composed of at least 3 planets that form 2 squares plus an opposition. Learn how to spot the major aspect patterns, how to interpret them, and how to counsel others with these aspects.

      • Week 1: T-Squares and Grand Crosses
      • Week 2: The Yod
      • Week 3: The Grand Trine and Talent Triangle
      • Week 4: Aspect Patterns of Marc Edmund Jones (bucket, bundle, seesaw, etc.)

Instructors: Karen Hamaker-Zondag and Tony Howard
Required Texts: Aspect Pattern Astrology by Bruno and Louise Huber and Michael Huber,  Chart Shapes: The Code to Interpretation by Wanda Sellar, and The Yod Book by Karen Hamaker-Zondag; Planetary Aspects: An Astrological Guide to Managing Your T-Square by Tracy Marks

Supplemental Text: The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation by Marc Edmund Jones (only if easily available)

Dates: August 18 to September 12, 2021
Four live lessons on Wednesdays at 9am Pacific Time. Four live Q&A sessions Sundays: Aug. 22 at 3pm,  Aug. 29 at 9am; Sep. 5 at 9am; Sep. 12 at 3pm (all times Pacific Time).
$295 (audit) / $350 (certification-track*)
*Certification track includes feedback on homework and exam.


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