Revisiting Aquarius – Why Saturn Rulership Still Matters


with Tony Howard

When astrologers assigned Uranus as the modern ruler of Aquarius, it became common to ditch its traditional ruler Saturn in favor of the newly assigned ruler. But for hundreds of years Saturn “worked” as ruler of the 11th sign.

In this webinar we’ll look at the implications of using Uranus as the sole ruler of Aquarius. We’ll talk about these key issues:

  • whether Uranus really has affinity with Aquarius
  • the problems created by blurring planets, signs and houses
  • what’s lost in our understanding of Aquarius without Saturn rulership
  • how reclaiming Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius can enhance and improve our readings
  • why some astrologers use descriptors like “Uranian Aquarian” and “Saturnian Aquarian”

Join Tony for an introductory discussion of these issues and get a window into his current and ongoing research project on Aquarius. We’ll start with an engaging dialogue about the key themes and spend the rest of the time exploring charts with strong Aquarian signatures.

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download. 

1 hr. 54 min. | includes video, audio and slides

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Shawn L.

Food for thought, much to digest.

I use both Saturn and Uranus when considering Aquarian matters. Tony Howard’s presentation was well presented with many chart examples. The webinar gave me food for thought as a strongly Uranian Aquarian. I’m very interesting in hearing what further research reveals especially when it comes to expressions of consciousness or situations where Uranus does not present externally as chaotic, surprising, innovative, etc.

A Astrology University Customer
Christina C.

Excellent fresh perspective on Aquarius

Tony's fascinating presentation illuminated what many in astrology had been secretly confounded with - how to reconcile Saturn and Uranus with the Aquarian archetype. I really appreciated his depth of research and the journey he took us on, which I would love to see expanded even more at some point. It helped clarify some of my own blocks around the expression of the Aquarian archetype and I think this is essential at this pivotal time as we continue to approach the Aquarian Age.

Irene M.

Revisiting Aquarius

This was my first webinar and the process of logging on was straightforward and simple. The class was interesting and very well presented by Tony. As a beginner I learned a lot and made notes of things to research on my own.

Karli N.

Excellent alternative viewpoint

This seminar made a LOT of sense of some things I'd not been able to resolve between some charts and their people before. At the very least, I feel a lot more supported in not UNDERestimating the influence of Saturn in Aquarius. Lots of food for thought here, with some great real-life examples. Highly recommended!


Thorough and thought-provoking

I really enjoy Tony's teaching style - - engaging, curious, and accessible. He researched and shared findings from many Aquarian charts to get to the bottom of this Saturn/Uranus question. Very thought-provoking and enjoyable class!