The 4th House – The Roots of Our Being


Darby Costello presents the first of a 3-part series on the water houses. In this first installment, Darby explores the meaning of the 4th House.

After hearing Darby’s recording Introduction to the Water Houses, we loved it so much that we asked her to expand that lecture into three longer webinars focusing on each of the three water houses. This is the first part, entirely devoted to the 4th house.

Darby writes: The fourth house has a mystery about it that is not often considered. It is deeply associated with the Moon, and with the sign Cancer, and it contains what we might call “the roots of our being.” It is often associated with the beginning and end of life, and there is controversy around whether it describes our mother or our father in modern astrology. During this webinar we shall attempt to shed light into this house of hidden stories; this imum caeli, this mysterious “bottom of the sky.”

Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.

1 hr. 30 min. | mp4 video | includes pdf slides and bonus audio-only file

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Brittany B.
Darby is a wonderful teacher!

The 4th house has always been a curious house to me. So many people have different significations for the house that I would get confused. Darby explains the 4th house in a way that I was able to understand how all the significations relevant to other peoples perceptions came into existence. It’s not as hard or as specific as one would think. She made it a lot easier for me to understand.

United States
The 4th House, Moon, and Cancer

So dense with many kernels of insight.

Virginia B.
United States
The 4th House

Wonderful! I loved the information. Cam't wait for the seminar on the 12th and 8th houses!

The Water House The 4th House

New to astrology, and found the webinar very informative for me. thank you

Melanie D.

Darby's lecture was very well presented and even though I have been studying for years I gained many interesting new insights into the 4th house! Thank you!

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