The Disappearance of the Daughter – The Eleusinian Mystery Rites of Ceres and Persephone


In response to the many requests to hear the teachings that Demetra gave on the Greek Mystery Religions tour to Greece in May 2019, she will off this double seminar on an overview of ancient Greek religion and the details of the most famous and enduring initiation of antiquity in honor of the ‘Two Goddesses.’ For anyone who has suffered a separation or estrangement from their mother or child, these ancient rituals offered a way back, and in the process gave hope to the living in the face of despair and death.

Participants are invited to personalize this material by determining ahead of time the zodiacal positions of the asteroids Ceres (#1), Demeter (#1108), Persephone (#399), Proserpina (#26), as well as that of Pluto.  []. Guidelines will be given for evaluating the significance of these asteroid placements.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download. 

1 hr. 46 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate

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Elisabeth S.
The Elusinian Mystery Rites

Love all Demetra's classes, this one is so delightfully personal to her. WOuld have loved to have seen this in Greece and touched the earth. Persephone is on my ASC by minutes, so personal to me as well. Thank you for presenting.

Elisabeth H.
Good basic introduction

This is the class to purchase if you want a really solid introduction to the scholarly understanding of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The presentation is clear and detailed. I would have liked more time devoted to modern interpretations of the archetypes and the ways they present in birth charts and life experiences now.

Eleusianian Mysteries

Very very interesting but I would have liked more interpretation on aspects or house placments .

A Astrology University Customer
margaret r.
Loved this class on the Elusinian Mysteries

It was packed full of history and details. It exceeded my expectations and I look forward to accessible, affordable classes in this format from Demetra in the future. Thank you!

The Disappearance of the Daughter-The Eleusinian Mystery Rites of Ceres and Persephone

As a class, a little disappointing as to how it fit into the Greek culture as a whole. I only know a little about the classic Greek culture, mainly from having to read some of the plays many years ago. These seemed to have a somber, fatalistic tone, and yes, the plays were all written by men. Demetra Georges's description of this rite/event was a fairly positive/joyous one, and dedicated to women. It would be good to know in what degree both were represented in the Greek culture. Interesting recollection of the actual trip to Greece that she and some others took that gave rise to this talk.

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