Mercury Double Take


This special Mercury bundle includes 2 talks for the price of one: Hermes: Guardian of Thresholds and Hermes: Guide of Souls

Hermes: Guardian of Thresholds

Explore Mercury’s multifaceted archetypal nature as youth, messenger, trickster, thief, magician, sage, guide of souls, and guardian of life transitions. Discover how the phases of Mercury’s synodic cycle relative to visibility, speed, direction, heliacal rise and set, and morning or evening appearances mirror the dual nature of Mercury’s mythic attributes and point the way to the corresponding nuances in natal interpretation of this enigmatic planet. 1 hour 12 min.

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Hermes: Guide of Souls

An in depth exploration of the planet Mercury, looking to its archetypal nature as messenger, trickster, thief, magician, and guide of souls. A discussion of its rulerships, joy, morning or evening rising, direct, retrograde, or stationary motion, and placement under the sun’s beams can point to how Mercury operates in a natal birth chart. 1 hour 11 min.

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