Advanced Hellenistic Planetary Condition


with Demetra George

This course presents the advanced Hellenistic principles of planetary condition that will enable you to fully understand how a person experiences the strengths, challenges and various outcomes indicated by each of the traditional planets in terms of modern sensibilities.

Topics covered include: Sect-rejoicing; triplicity and bound rulerships; solar phases, helical and morning/evening rise and set; and special lunar phenomena. Aspect bonification and maltreatment are covered in detail, illustrated with example charts.

Each lesson includes homework to help you integrate what you’re learning as you go. Demetra reviews the homework answers at the beginning of the next lesson.

This course aims to teach you how to synthesize the various Hellenistic criteria and arrive at a judgement about each planet. The course focuses on the traditional planets from Sun through Saturn and does not include the outer planets.

This course follows the Hellenistic Astrology Primer course. Those already familiar with the basics of traditional methods can jump into this one. If you’re unsure, review the description of the Primer course.

Prior knowledge of planets, signs, houses, aspect meanings, and basic interpretation skills is essential.

Required text: Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice, vol. 1 by Demetra George

Course consists of 8 prerecorded lessons released each week (Tuesdays) during the course duration, worked examples, assigned reading, homework, plus 3 live Q&A sessions with Demetra. 

Dates: June 15-August 3, 2021
Live Q&A Dates: July 1, July 22, August 5th at 11-12:30 PST (convert to your timezone)

$475 (through June 10, $525 thereafter)



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Sandy R.
Always historic moment

To have the opportunity to study with Demetra George is truly a Jupiter trine Jupiter moment lasting the entire 8 week session. So how could you miss it! You simply can' put on your calendar and be awaken.

Tracy T.
A thorough, nuanced deep dive into planetary condition

This class combines video lessons that combine theory with practical example charts, directly relevant reading assignments, hands-on homework, and a fabulous spreadsheet to to present a detailed, thorough, and nuanced explanation of how to evaluate planetary condition from the perspective of Hellenistic astrology. The multi-pronged approach works well for this complex material. Demetra has a gift for breaking down complicated concepts into digestible parts. The homework assignments were practical and provided direct experience with all of the techniques presented. I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in learning more about Hellenistic techniques or looking to add nuance and specificity to your chart interpretation.

Advanced Hellenistic Planetary Condition

Although I very much enjoyed this course , it was also very challenging, forcing me to buy Ms George's book, which I found to be clarifying of many issues and giving truly excellent insight into the course .

Advance Hellenistic Planetary Condition.

This in depth-course will help you identify with clarity the psychological pattern of a subject behind the chart.

Peggy S.
Advanced Hellenistic Planetary Condidtion

Demetra George is a wonderful teacher. I envy the Greek Astrologers because they did not cell phones, instant news, tv's, social media and life of 2021 to distract them from their studies!!!! my head was spinning but Demetra forced me to study and think! I love learning new/old techniquest. thankssssssss

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