Planetary Joys


In this traditional astrology lecture, Demetra George explains the planetary joys. In a similar way that planets rule certain signs, they also have special relationships with certain houses in which they rejoice according to an ancient system that is quite different from the modern 12-letter alphabet.

In this class you’ll gain a deeper insight into the names and meanings of the houses as they are derived from the planetary joys and discover the elegant substructure that links planets, houses, and sect. The planetary joys adds a layer of understanding to planet-house dynamics that can enhance your readings, whether modern or traditional in style.

Audio class for instant download.

1 hr. 26 min. | includes audio, handout and slides

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Gary S.
United States
The Planetary Joys: Illuminating the Houses

Lynn Bell helped me understand this classical concept - and how to apply it practically to chart interpretation.

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