Astrology as a Therapeutic Art: Healing Human Relationships


with Greg Bogart

Astrology is a beacon in the relational sphere, shedding light on patterns of relating, the phases and seasons of relationships, the cyclical changing moods, and the planetary laws of attraction. Knowledge of my own astrological profile and consideration of the natal traits and current challenges of spouses, friends, and family members aids us in creating more emotionally fulfilling and more committed relationships with others. In this presentation we’ll look at examples of how astrological work can aid an individual’s or a couple’s understanding of relational experiences and patterns of behavior. We learn how relationships have been damaged; we envision ways they might be repaired.

Includes several detailed chart examples with natal chart correlations plus demonstration of interpreting transits and progressions. Familiarity with transits and progressions recommended.

Pre-recorded for instant access. 

1 hr. 57 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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Dr. Bogart is a Sage

This webinar is really easy to follow along regardless of what level of astrology you are, yet the content is rich and thought-provoking. Dr. Bogart’s use of chart examples really helped me deepen my ability to synthesize natal placements and transits that are more evolutionary in nature. This is a beautiful merge of therapy supported by astrology.

Meire S.
Profound and enlightening view on astrology and relationships

Greg Bogart is a psychotherapist, yogi, spiritual teacher, astrologer, researcher and writer of superior quality and depth. I truly enjoy studying with Greg. His presentations are based on many decades of astrological studies, research and practice; he brings the humanistic and spiritual lenses to astrological perspective. Moreover, Greg Bogart's books represent an invaluable contribution to astrology. I strongly recommend his workshops, classes, books and consultations. In this presentation Greg showed how astrology is an invaluable resource to therapeutic work with relationships. He also showed relevant examples to illustrate his reflections. I hope Astrology University has a follow up on this topic with Greg Bogart in the future.

Belinda S.
Astrology as a Therapeutic Art: Healing Human Relationships

I think the topic was super interesting! The therapist presenting the webinar had an in-depth understanding of astrology and knew how to utilize it. He also understood, he must be careful as mixing the practice of astrology and therapy is not widely accepted.

Greg Bogart review

Gregs class was amazing. I have great respect for Greg because he deeply understands many aspects of astrology, but knows how to carefully & conscientiously apply astrology with a therapeutic telos. He has a highly developed moral and ethical compass, and great psychological insight, -which I often see lacking in other astrologers.. He is a rare, high caliber teacher.

Noonie S.
Astrology as a Therapeutic Art

A great explanation of Astrology from the inside out and how to use it as an underlaying layer to instigate a dialog for reflective therapeutic work. I found it very good.

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