Keeping the Ghost Light On – Neptune and Our National Narrative in 2020 and Beyond


with Hadley Fitzgerald

In the theatre there’s a tradition that someone leaves one light on near center stage so that a theatre is never completely dark whenever it’s empty.

While there are many stories about the origins of this “ghost light,” in essence it can be seen as a promise that everyone involved in a production will return with their skill, knowledge, imagination, and passion to light up the theatre again.

While the developmental pressure of the current Saturn-Pluto cycle has emptied our actual theatres and demanded a restaging of our personal and collective dramas, the oceanic power of transiting Neptune has also become very apparent in requiring us to come together by remaining separate.

In the USA Sibly chart, the tightest aspect is Mars square Neptune, and transiting Neptune in Pisces, aided and abetted by a solar eclipse in December, will continue to aspect that square well into 2023. Among the many manifestations of Neptune, at this time the light of imagination is central as an antidote to gaslighting, as we are being summoned to image-a-nation amidst both a pandemic and the most consequential election for generations to come. Pandemic and democracy both contain the Greek root demos—“people.” History has its eyes on us, the people, and the story we’re about to tell.

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