Deep Mercury – Hermes and the Quickening of Destinies


Taught by Jason Holley

Descents, retrievals, crossings, encounters – the mythology of Mercury is profoundly psychological. Yet astrology often forgets Mercury’s depth, despite his well-known mastery of what the ancients called Kairos: the ‘just right’ moment where old threads of lives unravel and new ones enter the loom.

Mercury is a soul-quickener: when he arrives on the scene, in myth and in our charts, stuck places unstick, silenced parts start speaking, lost items return. Mercury loosens us up, slips past defenses, opens roads to uncharted psychic territory and the deepest callings of Soul.

Mercury carried the caduceus, the entwined snakes of which were described in one ancient text as bound by the Knot of Necessity at the base and approaching the Kiss of Eros at the tip. Eros and Necessity – and the deep dialectic between them – seem to be the energies at play in every life, each compelling us in multiple directions, and it is Mercury’s magic to act as a guide and way-shower along these potential life paths.

Through stories and charts drawn from long-term psychotherapy, alongside the myths, we’ll explore the surprisingly profound effects Mercury subtly facilitates natally and through visitations by transit, progression, and synastry. We will also consider how astrologers – held by the ancients as sons and daughters of Mercury – may make use of the Mercurial mode of consciousness to offer readings that get behind defenses, invite Eros, and play with Necessity.

Pre-recorded for instant download.

60 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Originally included in the Life Purpose and Destiny Summit package.


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Cori A.
Mercury as you’ve never considered it

I recently had a personal epiphany about mercury which sent me looking for a learning resource that would dive into it as I had not seen before. This class absolutely delivered. It was exactly what I was looking for and brought up relevant points and mythological stories that backed up the use of mercury for deeper self development than usual. Absolutely recommend

Mythology enriching the symbolism of Mercury

Jason has done it again! Another ‘can’t miss’ seminar. Jason helps expand our understanding of Mercury. You won’t be disappointed!

Liz C.
Fascinating, as always!

Discovering Jason Holley is definitely one of the highlights of 2020! I always come away inspired and soul-nourished and with a fresh perspective. Plus, he's just completely delightful and brilliant and puts so much into everything he offers. I loved learning more about Mercury through all the wonderful stories Jason shares in this webinar!

Wonderful Webinar

I loved this webinar (and all of Jason’s work). With a strong Scorpio Moon & Pluto influencing my natal chart, if I see “deep”, if I see “psychologizing, I’m on it. This particular class gave me a new perspective & appreciation of Mercury. Amazing & worthwhile.

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