Gemini in Myth and Psyche


Jason Holley continues his mythic tour of the zodiac in this inspiring webinar on the Gemini archetype.

The Greco-Roman stories of the twins tell of a long search by one brother, immortal, for his mortal counterpart.  This connection and disconnection of mortal and immortal and the search for one by the other suggests a much greater Mystery inherent to the Gemini archetype than is usually represented in modern astrology, opening into themes of psychic multiplicity, twinship, doubling, and the power of suspension, ambivalence, and ambiguity as essential psychological functions.   

In addition to Castor and Pollux, the Twins depicted in the constellation, a female set of twins was also born at the same moment: Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra.  In this webinar we will explore the ancient stories of all four of these figures and some of their less-discussed details, as well as the lives of individuals in modern psychotherapy with strong Gemini signatures, to develop a deeper and more nuanced view of the psychodynamics and especially the perceptual shifts involved in Gemini consciousness.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.
1 hr. 39 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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Very unique work that yet again helps to see another side of Gemini I never new about.

Rachel D.
Loved it

Really helpful in understanding and appreciating Gemini - who often get bad press. Makes me keen to see the rest of this series.

julia b.
A highly recommended class

The teacher is dynamic, articulate, and professional while maintaining a delightful story telling approach. I learned so so much as he is able to break down complicated concepts into understandable nuggets of truth.

Only a Scorpio truly understands Gemini!!

Jason has a really engaging, inside out manner of sharing his thinking and work with the mythic tales and characters. There is no separation between the truths fleshed out in antique tales and constellations and any one individual's current psycho drama language/experience. He is a really great teacher, who sees deeply into things, and has a great sense of humour! My experience as a Gemini has always been that only Scorpios (which is his sun sign, he mentioned) really get that mixture of Gemini open-ness, facile-ness, depth, and double-sided-ness. Great class!

I am relatively new to

I am relatively new to astrological study but have a grasp of the basics. The deeper insights into the mythic archetypal stories and their psychic manifestations intrigues me immensely. Jason’s webinar was excellent and his insights and explanations took me deep and far.I am hungry for more.

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