Sagittarius in Myth and Psyche


with Jason Holley

Jason continues his mythic tour of the zodiac in this inspiring webinar on the Sagittarius archetype.

The image of Sagittarius takes us into the liminal realm of the centaurs, beings who lived primarily in the forests or as nomads.  Instinctual and unconstrained by the customs of human civilization, centaurs embodied a way of being, knowing, and seeing that fuses the way of the wild with the way of the human.  The resulting form – sometimes awkward, often compelling, occasionally magical – has changed shape many times in the astrological tradition, and understanding these changes offer us a deeper understanding of the psychological dynamics of Sagittarian placements.

In this webinar we will explore the twists and turns in the journey of the archetype through time, as well as the twists and turns in the journeys of individuals in modern psychotherapy with strong Sagittarius signatures.  We will develop a deeper and more complex understanding of Sagittarian process from the inside out – exploring how instinct and intuition, wisdom and hubris, inspiration and aggression, come together in ways that can be by turns energizing, exhausting, edifying, and overwhelming.  We will especially explore the dilemmas and quests that Sagittarian placements face in a world that tends to favour the tame and to insist upon splitting mind/body, human/animal, and so on, focusing especially on several issues which so often preoccupy these planets: wholeness versus splitting, hope and disappointment, integrity, restlessness, and the experience of truth.

Pre-recorded for instant access. 

2 hrs. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: All Levels

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norah v.
A wonderful riff getting to the heart of my Sun

So appreciated that Jason got to the subtle defenses of Sag which I recognized fully and needled him about!

norah v.

I enjoyed this seminar hugely. Jason was moving along in his idiosyncratic, inspired way and hit all the key Sagitarrius qualities I know (as one) and then the most important protections/defences of the sign as well. Made me laugh with recognition as I occasionally overrate that sun because, well, we’re the child of the gods, aren’t we??! He can address qualities as processes which I find vital and speak to the shadow side of the sign, also vital. Inflation for example. Thanks Jason.

Jacqueline A.
Wildly Illuminating

A beautiful telling of the myth and depth of Sagittarius. Infused with ancient story but the door of re-dreaming is left wide open as is true to Jason's gifted art. This is the most my natal Sagittarian moon has felt understood and I am grateful for the weaving of both its grace and complexity.

Elisabeth S.

Nice to hear something upbeat in the darkness permeating our country. Since my Sun and Mercury have progressed into Sag - seems to be a little lighter, of course there are those eclipses.........

Jason’s Classes Never Cease to Amaze!

Jason Holley’s way of teaching is engaging, funny and deep all at the same time. I always look forward to a new class in this series, as it offers the opportunity to dive into the mythology behind the signs and to immerse ourselves in the mystery of each energy and how it plays out in the individual’s psyche and development. I highly recommend these courses!

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