The Underworld of the Self – Pluto Transits to the Sun, Moon and Ascendant


The Sun, Moon and Ascendant sketch the outline of the personal self, whereas Pluto’s agenda goes way beyond personal concerns. Pluto, the most powerful of the transpersonal planets, has a big job to do when it takes on the human personality. Pluto transits arouse an identity crisis: the stories we tell ourselves must give way to deeper truths about our being. Something must break down in the process.

If managed with enough self-honesty, these long, slow entries into the Underworld of the Self can reveal to us power we didn’t know we possessed. Although these inner resources were there from birth, the Pluto transit is our signal that it’s time to integrate them. Presented by Jessica Murray.

1 hr. 19 min. mp4 video plus pdf.
Pre-recorded webinar available for instant download.


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Susan C.
Brilliant lecture!

I have a 6 Pluto transit which lasts 2 half years on my chart, it's still going on. . . this lecture is invaluable. Jessica Murry is a Master in relation to Pluto. Highly recommend!

Kristin O.
Very timely!

Jessica Murray's deep dive into Pluto's transits to the major points was so helpful and insightful for me In January of this year (2020) Pluto crossed my Ascendant. It was directly on my Ascendant for one day only but obviously it took a long time to get there and I'll be feeling it for some time. So much in this webinar resonated with me but one line particularly struck a chord and was very timely. I've needed to process this for a little while but it went something like, "When you really want someone to change, this is a time to take notice because it's likely that something within you needs to change instead". Letting go of this kind of Capricornian/Saturnian control of self and others around me is a big part of this transit for me so I'm very grateful to have received this message.

Jaysen P.
United States
thank you for all you

thank you for all you do Tony!

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