The Saturn-Neptune Square


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In this webinar, Jessica discusses the significant transits upon the world right now, and how they fit into long-term cycles. The most intense of these, the square between Saturn (reality) and Neptune (unreality), indicates a period of solidity melting into fluidity. We will look at the meaning of this and other current transits’ psychological and spiritual meanings, which often manifest as the kind of private, personal questions that an earlier age would have called a “crisis of faith.” We will also consider these energies from worldly points of view, as they show up in geopolitical and cultural trends, against the backdrop of the waning Saturn-Pluto cycle.


This is a pre-recorded webinar available for instant download. mp4 video format will play on all devices. 1 hr. 37 min.


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Paula B.
Jessica Murray is a wonderful teacher!

I have a T-square in my chart with the focal point of Neptune (Square Saturn and Mars). Jessica's webinar and excellent teachings helped me to better understand how to work most effectively with this pattern. T-squares are wonderful opportunities for growth. They can be challenging so going in with as much information as possible helps the chart holder make the most of it. I recommend this webinar highly!

A Astrology University Customer
Wendy H.
United States
Jessica Murray is brilliant.

Jessica is a fantastic teacher with a brilliant mind. I have listened to two of her webinars and found both of them to be insightful and rich with information. I look forward to listening to more of her webinars.

Patricia N.
United States
Wonderful Webinar

Jessica Murray is new teacher for me and she was fantastic. I learned a lot from her and plan on taking more classes. She is highly knowledgeable and presented the subject matter in a way that was understandable. The Saturn-Neptune Square is reflected in the volatile time we live in. Thank you for very informative webinar and the time well spent.


I first heard Jessica on Conscious Media Network quite a few years ago and she is the reason I began studying Astrology. She brings a beautiful elegance and intelligence to the art. Saturn-Neptune Square is part of a T-sqaure (with Mars) in my birth chart. Saturn is conjunct my sun in the first house, and Neptune is conjunct my MC. As a Capricorn rising, I work diligently to bring balance and understanding to the energies I chose to work with in this life time. This webinar has helped bring clarity to the reason I struggle so as I work to integrate the ethereal plane with the earthly plane. I highly recommend this webinar, especially as Neptune is in Pisces along with Chiron at present. Healing for our earthly structures will emerge from the watery depths of our wounds and that is what we are all being called to do at present.

Awesome Webinar

Jessica Murray is a fantastic, experienced and smart astrologer. Adept at putting things into context and making it easy to understand for those who aren't experts at astrology. I love that the webinar platform makes time for a q & a at the end of the talk. It was very easy to setup and access the webinar.

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