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Neptune teaches us the nature of illusion. At its highest, it shows us the way through illusion; misunderstood, it mires us in self-delusion. The most mysterious of the three transpersonal planets, Neptune dissolves that which we think of as real. On a personal level, it challenges the certainties in our lives, replacing definite answers with soulful questions. In the service of melting down the ego, it blurs relationship boundaries and other mental constructs that separate us from others.

On a mundane level, Neptune erodes ideological differences and national boundaries, calling our attention to issues of universal scope. On a transpersonal level, Neptune serves as a diving board into the pool of universal consciousness.

The placement of Neptune natally and by transit can indicate where we are subject to waves of imagination or divine discontent. While it may undermine our efforts to keep our lives ordinary, it is the only part of our chart that can address our yearning for spirit.

1 hr. 42 min.

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About Jessica

Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray is an astrologer and writer who brings to light the spiritual underpinnings that shape both the personal and collective experience of our time. In her private practice, Jessica draws from her knowledge of many metaphysical traditions to provide her clients with a sense of the big picture. Her readers and students are given an understanding of how they might respond, rather than merely react, to these turbulent times.

Jessica graduated from Brown University, where she studied Jungian psychology and linguistics. After a few years in a political theatre troupe, Jessica began a study of the symbolic language of archetypes, and has been practicing and teaching astrology in San Francisco for thirty-five years.

Jessica writes the popular astrology blog Mother Sky. Her books include Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer’s View of America and At the Crossroads: An Astrologer Looks at these Turbulent Times.

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Wonderfully enlightening webinar

This was a wonderfully enlightening webinar -- expanding my consciousness to embrace Neptune's offerings more wisely and subtly. I will be purchasing more webinars by this great teacher.


Neptune Square Saturn Jessica Murray

This Webinar was full of exciting and wonderful information that only Jessica can provide. She set the stage by having us first understand what these big outer transits mean by following their cycles from beginning conjunction to closing square and explaining what each phase means. Jessica also sets sub-cycles within those larger cycles getting us to understand where the world is in each unfolding of the cycles. For me, no one explains it more clearly than Jessica how we live out our charts amongst the unfolding of those cycles and why we choose to incarnate into this very epoch. I have two other Webinar’s of Jessica’s and plan on buying all her webinar’s. Please continue to do more with Jessica!!

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