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When you get questions about sexuality from clients, which parts of the chart are you going to consider? Is Mars really the planet that describes how you perform in bed? And Venus, what you like? Practice shows that these kinds of delineations are by far not enough to describe the often very complex issues around sexuality.

Sexuality is a vital and instinctive force with expressions ranging from very destructive acts to the most spiritual forms of tantra.

Studying the influence of culture and religion, biology and psychology on our attitude towards sexuality for many years, and having clients who openly discussed their sexual problems, I came to a new and much deeper understanding of the astrological dynamics in the chart related to sexuality. In this lecture I will show what the influence of culture and religion is, what the psychological consequences are, and how sexuality can be part of an escape mechanism, or part of a personality disorder, and much more, and how this is mirrored in the chart.

We will study the charts of well-known people whose sexual life has been studied and documented. And of course we will look at what several planets and houses ask from us to be able to really experience true intimacy in sexuality, and enjoy.

with Karen Hamaker-Zondag

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

1 hr. 29 min. | includes video, audio and slides

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Peggy S.

interesting but not a topic that concerns me

Fascinating subject!

Karen provided awesome references so that I can do my own research. I appreciate the fact that she left out her own opinions and preference, and provided excellent guidance on chart analysis.

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