Predicting with Progressions Course


Join this 4-module course if you want to learn how to predict with secondary progressions.

You’ll bring to the class a sound understanding of the natal chart. Ideally you’re already familiar with aspects and natal chart trends.

In this four part class on secondary progressions, you’ll learn:

  • What a progression is + how to calculate progressions
  • how to identify, time and interpret secondary progressions, including progressed Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars
  • the progressed lunar phases
  • timing of life events with progressions

This class provides an introduction to the technique of progressions, and takes you through a practical, how to guide to work with progressions. You’ll learn how to identify permanent changes as well as temporary trends, just by working with progressed planets and aspects.

You’ll learn an exceptional timing technique that can highlight major change, as well as describe periods of heightened growth.

The theory of progressions is explained using practical examples. By the end of this module you will be ready to predict with progressions.

You will develop your skills in predictive astrology, to the point where you can start providing basic forecasts for friends, family or even clients.

Pre-recorded for instant access. 

Your course registration includes 4 video classes, audio, the class slides, reading material, handouts and homework assignments.

You’ll also have access to a private discussion area where you can ask questions and interact with other students in the course.

Bonus: You will also have access to the 2018 version of this course which includes 7 hours 17 min of video and audio material, slides, reading suggestions, handouts, and discussion boards.

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Eva G.
Great course!

Kelly is a much appreciated astrologer and a wonderful teacher who knows how to explain the oftentimes complex topics in a comprehensible and a relatable way. What helped me the most to learn and to understand the subject were the weekly homework assignments wonderfully mentored by Larry, who always took her time to write an elaborate and honest feedback. Thanks to Michael, who was always available via chats, it was possible to stay connected and to ask any question related to the course topics. He always replied fast and thoughtfully. Thank you so much for this great course!

Paula T.
Obsessed with Progressions

Kelly Surtees' approach to teaching in a virtual setting is compelling and comprehensive. Each lesson was jam packed with helpful information as she shared her profound knowledge on this specific subject in an accessible manner. I've been fascinated by this technique for some time; taking Kelly's course consolidated what I've learned taking assorted lessons and reading on the subject in such a way that I now feel confident to work with clients using this symbolic timing technique. I'll return for Kelly's next course on how to incorporate predictive techniques into client consultations.

Predicting with Progressions

Excellent course. I learned how to work with progressions. Wish I had more time to attend/study during the live stream broadcasts. Feedback from assistants and attending Q& A sessions was helpful. Thank you

A Astrology University Customer
Nancy M.

This class has excellent information that is very new to me. I haven't finished it yet, but I am working my way through it. Kelly is an excellent and engaging teacher, always so positive and enthusiastic.

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