Profections and Solar Returns for Better Annual Forecasting


2-part class on using profections to improve your year-ahead timing and forecasting.

Timing with profections is a simple yet effective way to highlight specific topics for any given year of your life.

In this two-part class with Kelly Surtees, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of your birthday year
  • How to connect your age to a specific house
  • Forecasting via the houses
  • What your time lord is, and how to work with it
  • How to get specific info out of the solar return chart

You’ll discover the importance of your personal year, based on your birthday and explore how your age links to the houses in your chart.

Profections also identify a special guiding planet for your birthday year, known as a time lord. You’ll learn to work with this planet and its themes for success and satisfaction – and cautions – in the year ahead. Going further, you’ll learn steps to assess your guiding planet or time lord via your solar return chart.

This 2-part class is ideal for intermediate students of astrology, who are already familiar with aspects and natal chart interpretation, and who have some experience with timing trends like transits or solar returns.

As a student you’ll learn a practical technique to help improve year-ahead timing and forecasting. You’ll also gain new insights as to how to work with the solar return chart.

2-part webinar available for instant download.

3 hrs. 37 min. | includes video, audio and slides

In this video, Kelly shares what you’ll learn in this webinar:


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A Astrology University Customer
suzanne w.

Kelly is a fun, talented teacher

I didn't know anything about Profections before I recently read Demetra George's "Astrology and the Authentic Self" and then I saw that Kelly Surtees was doing a two-part webinar on them. I learned so much from this. Kelly explained the material very well and gave a useful, practical process to follow that I have now begun to use with my Solar Return readings. A game changer for me and fun to listen to and follow along and then start practicing with my own charts. ("Fun" for astrology geeks like myself!! :)

kerry a.

Protections +solar returns

Excellent tuition as usual 💜 it!

Juliet D.

Kelly is really good at

Kelly is really good at delivering material


It gave me great insights

It gave me great insights into timing events. I felt blessed . Thanks, Kelly for sharing your knowledge.

Rhys C.

Powerful technique explained clearly.

I had already studied these techniques separately with Chris Brennan and Ben *****, but I couldn't resist taking Kelly's course so that I could have her perspective on things. I love her approach and picked up some things from her class that I had missed from the other ones I had taken. For someone new to profections and traditional approaches to solar returns, this course is ideal. For those who already are already familiar with the techniques, Kelly's workshop will serve as a useful refresher.