Holding Tight and Breaking Free – Saturn Squares Uranus


When Saturn and Uranus come into aspect the old and the new are at odds. Something has to give, and something has to stay. We are asked to take risks, and to hold tight, often at the same time.

These two planets will form an exact waning square on February 17, 2021, and again on June 14, and December 24th.

It becomes very hard to maintain the status quo when Saturn and Uranus clash, and indeed their friction will help give rise  to a new era. You may be in the middle of a dilemma and you are not alone. After all that has happened most of us are longing for the change symbolized by Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, and yet Uranus in Taurus calls us to claim what we hold dear.

In this webinar we will look at how these planets affect each of us, through the houses that are activated int he natal chart. What are the choices we are being asked to make?

Pre-recorded for instant access.

1 hr. 40 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate

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Andrea C.
Very Helpful!

Lynn Bell always brings depth and insight. I found this very orienting in working with my therapy clients whose charts are activated by the Saturn/Uranus square. She gave some guiding statements!

Gracious goodness

Lynn Bell is an artist—her understanding is deep and pointed, her delivery engaging, empowering, and delicate.

Sonja F.
default default
didn't blow my hair back

okay ... didn't blow my hair back

Fascinating and enjoyable learning

Lynn has an easy manner that makes her knowledge accessible even to astrology newbies like me. Enjoyed the class thoroughly! Thank you.

Claudia J.
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Studying "with" Lynn

It's her pace--her sharing her intellect and humility in the teachings/sharing/illuminating and/or sorting out ideas and methods and thoughts about a topic in our craft. I remember being swept up in ideas like that when I listened years ago to Liz Greene as I now listen to and with Lynn. It is such a pleasure and I am the better astrologer for following her lead.

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